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Look on the inside of the talegate for a panel that is screwed on. Remove the screws and you should be able to get inside.

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Q: Rear window on 1988 bronco doesnt go up how do you access the arm that controls the window?
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Rear window on 1996 bronco doesn't go up how do you access the arm that controls the window or rise the window?

There is a control arm that attaches to you tailgate release, chance are this or another one of these arms has come out of it's retaining clip. Remove the inside panel on the tailgate, about 6 to 8 screws. This will allow you access, though tight, into the area of the motor, gears and control arms. If you have tint on your window slide a piece of cardboard in to protect from being scratched while your working in there.

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Where do you buy small stuff for a 95 Bronco need a dash switch for the rear window?

jeff's bronco

How do you get the back window 95 bronco down manually?

break it

How do you remove the window in the rear hatch of a 1989 ford bronco?

To remove the window in the rear hatch of a 1989 Ford Bronco, the weather stripping around the window will have to be pulled back or pushed down slightly. This can be accomplished with a straight screwdriver or a putty knife.

Why doesnt your drivers side window controls roll the rear windows back up?

Possibly because you have your window lock on. Some cars are that way. If not that, then you probably have an electrical problem in the system. It could also be that the window are off the track. Either way, you need to take it to a mechanic.

How do you remove the tailgate window when the motor is bad on a 1978 Bronco?

i used a hammer

Will door window on 87 f150 fit 86 bronco?

it most certianly will!

Is there a wiring diagram for a the rear window in a 1995 ford bronco Eddie Bauer edition?

check any bronco group web site, membership is usually free and they have all the schematics for the back window wiring and more

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How can you manually roll up a 1986 ford bronco rear window?

If its the bronco XLT you'll have to take the tail gate paneling off the inside. The motor, gears, etc. for the rear window are located in there. I had the same problem with mine sometime back.

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It's about this wide and about yay so tall...

How many wires are on an 86 ford bronco 2 XLT window motor?

3 wires

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1983 ford bronco rear window wiring diagram?

Buy an aftermarket of OEM Ford manual.

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How do you get a window to work on a 1989 Ford Bronco?

Turning the window crank in a counter clockwise direction, the window will go down, reverse direction to raise it. If you are speaking of the rear window the switch is on the a/c control panel. Down makes the window go down and up is up