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I would first check the nozzel, it might be clogged. Check and listen if the pump is working. You should be able to hear it pumping. Check the lines from the resivor in the engine compartment back as far as you can. If pump is not working it might be a fuse. Hope this helps!


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is it out or just clogged, if its out the pump should be attached to the washer bottle on the bottom, but check to see if its clogged first, take it apart.

Should be at the bottom of the reservoir

They share the same drain and it is becoming clogged. Drain cleaner in both drains should help.

The window washer pump should be located in the bottom of the washer reservoir for the 1998 Sable. The reservoir may have to be removed to replace it.

There are multiple reasons why your washing machine might not drain. The drain line could be clogged with debris or even clothing, the pump pulley could be frozen, or the pipe that the washer drains into could be clogged.

Normally the rear fuel washer tanks are located in the trunk area. Should be a panel on the left or right of the trunk covered in carpet that you can pull off. One should have the washer tank behind it...the other might have a jack and tools. Good luck. Although he is correct that there is a washer tank in the back of many cars, Subaru did not go that route. They used the very same washer fluid tank with a second pump and a reaallly long hose between the roof and headliner inside of the passenger compartment. Much easier to fill just the one tank, don't you think? :-) --Ken

That relay and fuse for the windshield washer should be located in the fuse/relay center under the hood.

Your washer pump is located right in the washer fluid bottle on the bottom of it.

Kitchen sink and washer use same drain line. Drain line clogged causing backup of drainage from washer into kitchen sink. Have drain line unclogged to take care of problem. If drain line not clogged, check for proper venting of drain lines.

the pump should be in the washer bottle and replacement is as easy as removing the bottle most times

It is not a motor- it is a pump. Located at the bottom of the washer tank.

most washer pumps are located under the washer fluid reservoir so it will self prime it self

Located on the bottom of the washer fluid reservoir.

the pump is located on the bottom of the washer reservoir

It should be inside the Washer Fluid Holding Tank. Look on the bottom for wires coming off the tank.

Be careful. My sister did this and "cleaned" her dishwasher and the calcium build up went out of the washing area and clogged the tube that went over the washer. It required me to uninstall the washer and remove the tube for replacement.

I doubt the hose if clogged, but if it is, simply disconnect it and blow through it until it is clear. More than likely the spray nozzle at the end is clogged with car wax. Clean it out with a small pin or needle.

As with any other tool, a pressure washer can get clogged and needs regular maintenance such as replacing hoses and other parts where everyday use will cause breakdown.

Most are located within the washer fluid tank. Mark

That is located in/or under the main washer fluid reservoir tank.

The windshield washer motor is located on the passenger side firewall

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