Reason to visit modern US?

Well, it depends. We do have nice beaches and mountains, although the fauna and flora does not quite meet the magnificence reached on continents such as Australia or Africa. The regional cooking is as varied as it might be throughout Europe, which may surprise you, and to go with this is an infinitely diverse realm of personality. The shopping is probably good, not as fancy but not as expensive as one might find in Paris. The museums of Paris are also certainly more impressive--although we do have the Whitney and the Museum of Modern Art. And, while we do not have the caves of Lascaux, not only can you no longer visit these actual caves but merely a modern model beside them, but we may have more impressive dinosaur skeletons. I imagine this matter is up for debate. Somewhere, here, was born rock & roll; that must count for something, at least once it did. But the most important reason to visit the United States today? Because you already are, at least virtually speaking, and the ways of the United States have been visited upon you, like it or not. This country leads the world, for good or for ill. If you want to understand your world, it is a good idea to see who and what is leading it, firsthand. (As an aside, I like the current president so I can actually add the words "for good" into the sentence without wincing. He is making this country, and by extension, the world, a bit of a better place.)