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boys and girls should go to the same school because it would save money for the parents and girls wouldnt be so shy around boys and would not see boys there own age

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Q: Reasons boys and girls should go to the same school?
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Should girls go to girl school?

No, girls should go to a mixed school (boys and girls) because it will be easier for girls to talk to boys when they are older.

Should girls have a separate school to boys?

no because boys need to learn how to wor with girls its life

Why should boys and girls have their own separate school?

Boys and girls should be in separate classes because the boys fall behind quicker, and interact better with guys. Girls interact better with girls.

Should boys and girls share same locker room at school?

Yeah, they should do that in every school.

Why should girls get the same amount of funding as boys in sports at high school and college level?

Because girls are just as good as boys. And there should be no discrimination whether it is between girls and boys or anything.

Should middle school girls give boys hand jobs?


Why do boys lie to girls?

For the same reasons girls lie to boys. Either they like him/her

Did girls and boys in Egypt go to school?

Yes, boys and girls go to school in Egypt.

Do boys like girls in middle school?

3/4 of middle school boys are into girls

Why should boys and girls go to the same school?

Cuz Its Fun Like that

Can girls enter in Colรกiste Mhuire Mullingar school?

It is a school for boys, so there are no girls.It is a school for boys, so there are no girls.It is a school for boys, so there are no girls.It is a school for boys, so there are no girls.It is a school for boys, so there are no girls.It is a school for boys, so there are no girls.It is a school for boys, so there are no girls.It is a school for boys, so there are no girls.It is a school for boys, so there are no girls.It is a school for boys, so there are no girls.It is a school for boys, so there are no girls.

66 boys are in a school There are 12 less boys than girls in this school How many girls are there?

There are 78 girls in the school. 66+12=78

Should boys and girls have to go to school?

Yes! And it is the law of most countries. Children have to go to school.

What are the differences in behaviours between boys and girls?

explain the reasons why there are differences in behaviours between boys and girls

Should girls and boys be separate at school why or why not?

Why would they be at school? It's natural for girls and boys to interact with each other whether they are five or fifteen. I think they should totally not be at school, because where else are they going to learn how to interact with the opposite gender??

Why girls wear caps to school?

Girls wear caps to school for the same reasons boys do. They could just like to wear caps, they might be on a sports team, or any variety of reasons, but mainly they wear them because they want to.

Do Athens boys go to school?

no both boys and girls went to school

Should girls be able to play on boys sports teams?

well yes they could but in school or outside of school there should be a girls sports team in all sport category's.

How do you have cheerlearders in a all boys high school?

Many all-boys schools have an affiliated nearby all-girls school. The girls from that school are often the cheerleaders for the boys' school teams.

The ratio of girls to boys at your school is 7 to 5 if there are 275 boys how many girls are there?

385 girls

Do girls support their high school more than boys?

depends on the school school event and how many girls and boys there are so if you are talking football games boys probally if its cheerleading more girls

Why should girls be educated?

Girls should be educated for the same reasons that boys should be educated. So that she can get a good job to support herself and so that she can follow her career goals and dreams.

Do middle school girls run faster than middle school boys?

it really depends usally boys it can be girls to....

Are girls better than boys in school?

In certain subjects they are better. The brains of the male and female are different and develop at different rates. Girls usually are better in verbal skills while boys are better in math skills. To some extent this is also social and the way boys and girls are raised may also have an effect on how well they do in school and with different subjects. How subjects are taught also have effect on the brains of girls/boys. Studies have been done when there is an all female school comparing the grades to girls in a school with both boys and girls. Research has shown that the girls in the all female school seem to learn faster and do better without the boys in classes. This could be due to several reasons and more needs to be studied before it can be said that girls do better in school without boys.

Should boys and girls not go to the same school?

This is an opinionated question. In my opinion, I think that boys and girls should both go to the same school. There is nothing wrong with getting to know other people. If a girl goes to an all girls school all of their life, it will be hard for them to interact with boys because they won't know what to do. It is good to interact with boys and girls. Other people may have different opinions, but this is the opinion of M6-nine.