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Because the people now a days is having a poverty, so we need to help ourselves. Its very hard to be poor. :(

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Q: Reasons of Corazon Aquino why poverty is a big problem faced by society?
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Why poverty is a big problem facing society?

poverty is such abig issue because it is no stop circle and kids have to work causing the world to fall aprat

Why in higher studies you need to know about poverty?

poverty is a disease to the society. A society that can reach the space, think beyond imagination and works to attain it must not have poverty to dominate the growth. This is the greatest problem a healthy society can have in any time. We have to know about it to uproot it from the very origin. So recommend study social science to know more about it...

The most pressing social problem in India society?

Increasing population, poverty, dearness,deforestation, corruption and crime

What are the causes of poverty in Thailand?

the cause of poverty on thai society

What are the solutions for poverty in the Philippines?

The first thing that needs to happen to solve the problem of poverty is to weed out government corruption. But there are charities, like the Philippine Aid Society, that are fighting poverty and one way to help be part of the solution is to support these initiatives.

What was part of johnsons great society?

The war on poverty.

What type of issue is poverty?

It is a social issue, as poverty is something that is created by society.

What is the historical significance of poverty?

Poverty is a crime against humanity, committed by society.

What are the social problems in the society?


How does poverty affect the society?

Poverty affects society by the following ways:- 1. it reduces the development rate of the society. 2. it reduces the economy rate of the society. 3. it affects the lifestyle of the people.

What term describes an ideal society with no poverty?

utopian society.utopian society.

What is an ideal society with no poverty and fair treatment for workers called?

Utopian society

What is the ideal society with no poverty and fair treatment for workers called?

An Utopian society

Poverty and its relation to society?

Poverty may be caused by (a) society not being able to produce enough to provide everyone with an adequate standard of living, or (b) society being able to produce enough but organised for the benefit of the rich and so leaving plenty of people in poverty.

How is poverty and illiteracy cause social problem and social evil?

Poverty and illiteracy cause problems for any society because the way people can better themselves is by learning and without money, food, and basic needs being met they cannot do this therefore they cannot learn and cannot support a strong society.

What is an ideal society wih no poverty and fair treatmeant for workers called?

An Utopian society.

What ideal society with no poverty and fair treatment for workers called?

It is called an Utopian society.

What are the Consequences of poverty on the society?

Crime and poor health

What refers to the chronic condition of deprivation in a society?


What is your Reaction about poverty in the Philippines?

There is a lot of poverty in the Philippines. Some people, called "squatters," live near trash mounds and scavenge through the rubble to find materials that they can re-sell. Many are living in extreme poverty and unsanitary conditions. My reaction to this problem was to start a charity called Philippine Aid Society.

What was the purpose of the great society?

eliminate poverty and racial injustices

Why is Great Society so important?

it helped in the education and poverty.

Reaction paper about poverty in the Philippines?

Poverty in the Philippines is a huge problem with many different causes. The Philippine Aid Society was founded to fight poverty in the Philippines. Its mission statement is "to provide critical goods and services to Filipinos in desperate need and where possible equip them with the means of self sustenance, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ."

What is an ideal society with no poverty and fair treatment for workers is called what?

An ideal society, with no poverty and fair tretment for workers and everyone else is called a utopia. The opposite is a distopia. Both types of society have been written about repeatedly in science fiction.

A sentence for society?

"Even in our society, there are many people living in poverty." "Some people feel that society today has no morals." "It can be difficult to find a place in society."