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The only thing you can do is petition the court. But you might want to consult an attorney. The executor is entitled to be paid for the work they do.

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Can the sole beneficiary act as executor if the executor for my fathers will dies.?

Yes. You can notify the court that the executor has died and request that you be appointed the successor.

What can you do to have executor removed if she is not preforming the duties as the executor of your fathers will?

Petition the court to have them removed and replaced. In such cases the court is likely to appoint an attorney to serve as the executor.

Can the executor of your fathers estate cheat you out of something?

They can certainly try to do so. They are also required to provide a full accounting of the estate and what happened to everything. You may wish to retain your own attorney to protect your rights.

Does executor have permission to sell your fathers house without beneficiaries consent?

The executor has the power to sell the house without the beneficiaries consent. They are responsible to the court to execute the will.

What rights does an executor have to claim the deceased ashes from a family member who is withholding them?

Can I claim my fathers ashes

Can you collect money from your dead fathers unclaimed funds if your step mother was the estate representative and she has since remarried?

No. If your stepmother was executor of the estate, she still is the executor and entitled to those funds, not you.

Can you be made executor to fathers will after he is dead?

You can apply to be appointed executor of your father's estate. The court will issue a letter of authority. You will be required to distribute the estate according to the intestacy laws of the state.

When your named executor of your fathers will can a stepmother sell any part of an estate?

Not unless she holds title as a surviving owner.

How do you get a court order as POA to get your fathers personal belongings?

Only a live person can award a POA. The courts cannot. Unless an Executor has already been named they might be able to give you the title of the estate's "personal representative" but the two of you cannot be in conflict and the Executor will dispose of the deceased's estate in accordance with the will and/or the court's order. Check with your local Probate Court.

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How do you find out what has been left to you in your fathers will?

After he dies, the executor will file the will with the probate court. You will probably be notified of the contents of the will, but if not, you can review the will at the clerk's office.

Can you see your fathers will?

If your father is still living and chooses not to show it to you, no, you can't. After his death, when the will is probated, yes, you may see and read the probated will. After death and before probate, it is in the discretion of the executor whether you are shown it or not. Generally the executor will do this if you are a beneficiary in the will. If the will has not been probated and the executor will not disclose its contents, you can get a court order for him to produce it and present it for probate.

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Your brother is the executor of your fathers will and has spent all the money can he get into any kind of legal trouble?

Unless he was the sole benificiary of the will, yes. He could be prosecuted for theft.

How can I get my fathers will in which he names me as executor if I live across the state from lawyer holding the will?

You contact that lawyer and request that she send the original to you by registered mail or a carrier such as Fedex.

Can you pay for your fathers funeral out of his money if you are designated his executor on his will?

I'm not an attorney but in my experience the answer is yes - that is one of the reasons people make sure there is money in their estate.

Does your mom have to show your brother your fathers will who just died and see all bank books?

There is no requirement for her to do so. As long as she is the executor, and presumably the beneficiary, it is her business, not his.

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What things need to be done as executer of a fathers estate.?

Once the estate has been opened and a executor appointed: A complete inventory and valuation of the assets must be completed. They can then sell assets to pay bills. They must resolve debts and bills and pay all taxes due. Then they distribute the remainder according to the will or laws of intestacy. A full accounting must be provided to the court.

What happens when you are not notified by the executor that you are the trustee in your fathers will?

Briefly, the will needs to be presented to the probate court for allowance. By that process the court will appoint an executor and from that point on the court will have jurisdiction over the estate. The executor will be obligated to follow the provisions in the will and you will have the legal right to monitor the probating of the estate. No one has any power to act until the will has been probated. Title to the property does not pass until the estate is probated.

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