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A court case on the 15th amendment was the Gomillion v. Lightfoot. The case was argued on October 18â??19, 1960 with a ruling on November 14, 1960.

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Who was in the court case for the 27th amendment?

The court case that brought about the 27th Amendment was Dillon v. Gloss. This court case took place in 1921. There was a court case that challenged this Amendment in 1992. That court case involved Boehner v. Anderson.

What amendment does the court case Engel vs Vitale1962 deal with?

6th Amendment

Which case extended the fourteenth amendments gurantee of equal protection under the law?

The 15th amendment

What supreme court case is based on amendment 1?

There are many cases. There's not only one supreme court case but there are many of them.

Terrr y v. Ohio is a court case that centered on interpretation of the amendment.?

The Fourth Amendment

What is a court case that deals with the 19th amendment?

Minor vs Happersett

What was a Famous supreme court case was for the eighth amendment?

emmitt till

Which Supreme Court case made the Thirteenth Amendment a necessity?


Supreme court case related to 20th amendment?

I do not think there are any.

A Recent Supreme Court Case?

Better ask the question again, specifying the country that interests you, since most countries have supreme courts. For example, "Name a recent case in the Supreme Court of Burkina Faso".

What Supreme Court case is relevant to the 5th Amendment?

Miranda V Arizona

What court case was overturned to set stage for legalized segregation?

fourteenth amendment

Terry v Ohio is a court case that centered on interpretation of the?

fourth amendment

What court case extended the 14th amendment to all races?

Following the reasoning of the Dartmouth College case and other precedents Justice Joseph Story, writing for the court, explicitly extended the same protections to The 14th Amendment.

Where can you find conflicting supreme court opinions on multiple amendment related cases?

I need to find a supreme court case based on the second amendment and write an essay contrasting two Court Justice's opinions.

What supreme court case is revelant to amendment 22?

I was asigned a paper and many things i needed to find out about the 22nd amendment, one of which was to find a supreme court case related to it, but as i took hours trying to research it, i figured out that, there is no possible way there could be a court case on it. Because the 22nd amendment is that the president only has 4 years maximum in office, and no president has argued with it. so i wrote a paragraph explaining that there couldn't be a court case concerning it because no president has refused it before.

Which Supreme Court case was overturned by the Fourteenth Amendment?

Dred Scott v. Sandford

Who won Supreme court case of third amendment with Engblom v Carey?


Which amendment centered on interpretation of terry v. Ohio court case?

The 4th

In the case of Rochin v. California the Supreme Court ruled that the?

14th and amendment was violated

How has the supreme court interpreted the sixth amendment guarantee of a speedy trial?

It is different in each case.

What is the Supreme court case on separation of Church and State?

There is not just one Supreme Court case on this; there is a whole body of jurisprudence on interpreting the "Establishment Clause" in First Amendment of the US Constitution.

What Supreme Court case is relevant to Amendment 23?

The only one that I am aware of that was fairly recent was the rejection of the right of Washington D.C. residents to elect Senators and Representatives. The court upheld the 23rd Amendment which allows D.C. residents to only elect electorals for the electoral college (there's a tongue twister!). search a better source this guy is a moron! Lol... I TOTALLY agree..

What court case is relevant to the 20th amendment?

Marbury v. Madison was the most important case pertaining to the 20th Amendment. As a result, John Marshall denied that appointments made by John Adams as they were unconstitutional.

Which Supreme Court case extended First Amendment rights to the States?

Gitlow v. New York

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