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First thing to do is check your oil level.Even though you recently changed it your engine may be leaking or burning oil.Make sure it reads "full" on the oil dipstick. Second,check your engine idle speed.Make sure it is fast enough, usually 700-800 rpm.Low idle speed may cause the light to flicker. Third,sometimes the oil pressure sending switch is faulty.It can be checked with a continuity test.But sometimes it is easier to simply replace it. Fourth,a dirty or partially restricted oil intake screen in the oil pan can limit the flow of oil to the engine,and low oil pressure. Fifth,low oil pressure can make the light flicker.This could be caused by restricted oil flow(see fourth),worn or damaged engine bearings or oil pump failure.The motor may also have abnormal knocking sounds with these conditions. Start with 1st,2nd and 3rd.If the condition still happens take an oil pressure test.If it is low you may need to get inside the engine. If oil was recently changed make sure the correct viscosity was used, if it's overdue, replace oil and filter.

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Q: Recently the oil light has started flickering on and off while you are idling at a light but it does not do this all of the time what would cause this?
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