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Record arrow speed from a compound bow?


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As of 2011, the highest recorded arrow speed is shot from PSE X-Force Omen Pro at 366 fps.

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588 FPS set by Kevin Strothers back in 1992

It is a compound bow (as in bow and arrow).

what would be a good price for a Jennings compound bow name is arrow star

The arrow should be as long as your your hand holding your bow to your cheek thats how long it should be

Archery - the use of a bow and arrow was invented by our ancient hunter gatherer ancestors, we have no record as to where the first bow and arrow were made.

Grip, nocking point, bow face, bow back, cable guard cable, arrow rest

They are what turn on a compound bow when you pull it back. They make it eaiser to pull and makes the arrow fly farther.

Compounds have cams at the end of the bow which make it easier to pull back and pushes the arrow farther.

when you are setting up your bow and arrow you are setting the positionand condition, to shot the arrow, causing potential energy but when you let the bow go the potential changes into knitec energy because the bow now has mass and speed.

what is a bow and arrow made of

you pull the arrow back and let it fly _____________________________________________ It help to now how a compound bow works. it works by a pully system ok. so the string will pull back the limbs of the bow. and you can pull it back by a release your your fingers. well then you just release the string and let the arrow fly. but make sure you have an arrow on the strin or you limbs will shader.

Archery is a sport of shooting a bow and arrow. To draw an arrow in your bow pick up the bow and put it position lining up the bow with shoulder and your chin. Then insert your arrow aim and shoot.

A compound bow uses cables and pulleys to help provide more power when shooting an arrow. A youth compound bow would be one that's sized for a child or teenager, so it's made using smaller proportions.

Sagitto for arrow archus for bow

it is the stick and the string that shoots the arrow

No, Athena is not typically depicted with bow and arrow. Bow and arrow are most often depicted with Artemis.

It depends on the draw weight of the bow, and the weight of arrow you use

A compound bow uses a series of cables and pulleys to increase the tension of the drawstring while making it easier (requiring less effort) to pull the drawstring back. A compound bow has stiffer limbs than a standard recurve bow, and will generally shoot an arrow farther because of the increased tension.

because it looks like a bow and arrow except a violin bow cant bend like a bow and arrow

Generally speaking, hunting bows are either a compound or composite bow. These are modernized versions of bows that are designed to provide an increase in accuracy, range and speed of the arrow.

arco (bow) y flecha (arrow)

You get a bow and arrow when you defeat the guard in the death mountain volcano.

what kind of symple machine is a bow and arrow

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