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Q: Red wine stain on teeth
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What liquids stain teeth?

Coffee, red wine and tea.

How do you remove Red Wine stain from white pants?

WineNaps. They are great for removing red wine stains from teeth and lips. wine naps

Why are wine gums called wine gums?

When you drink a lot of red wine at a tasting the wine will stain your teeth and gums until you brush them.

Why does white wine remove red wine stain?

cause it does this is a scientific reason therefore the white wine sinks into the carpet or what ever you have the red stain is and when the white wine sinks into the stain it releases the red stain particles and the red stain particles mix in with the white wine therefore the red stain is vanished

What stains your teeth?

There are many drinks that will stain your teeth. These include coffee, tea, soda, Gatorade, as well as red wine.

How do you get red wine stain out of white dress?

put white wine on the stain made by the red wine and it will neutralize it. Or you can bleach it. Or you can use a stain remover

What gets a Wine Stain out?

White wine will usually remove a red wine stain.

How do you get a wine stain out?

This is from the red wine stain removal testing done by University of California - Davis: The best commercial red wine stain remover is Stain Rx (a.k.a. Erado-Sol). I use it all the time.

Why does wine stain your teeth?

Wine stains teeth for the following reasons:Red wine has a very intense chromogen, or color that is very intense.Wine, even white wine, is very acidic and can etch or dissolve teeth at the microscopic level, which makes teeth more likely to accept pigment. That makes teeth more likely to get stained from what you are eating along with the wine.Wines contain tannins which will bind to teeth and tends to hold the chromogens, compounding the tendency to stain the teeth.To read more visit the Related Link.

What makes red wine stain?

answer 1: The colour in the wine is from soaking the skins of grapes in the juice during fermentation. It is not from the grapes, they are colourless. I suppose the colour is what makes it stain. answer 2: Spillling red wine on your shirt makes a red wine stain.. ^_^

How do you remove red wine from taffeta?

by applying white wine directly to the red wine stain

Does grape juice stain teeth?

Red grape juice does stain teeth.

Does wine stain clothes?

Yes red wine stains clothing. Stain Rx removes it.

What drink is the most affective on your teeth?

Wine and Soda can stain and decay teeth easily.

How do you get a red wine stain out of light colored carpet that has sat for a week?

SALT====or pour white wine on the stain

Why do your teeth get so stained when you drink red wine?

red wine doesnt stane your teeth it actually helps your teeth all wine is beer doent though

What gets wine stains out?

White wine will usually remove a red wine stain.

What foods can make your teeth whiter?

I know apples are good for teeth and if you want whiter teeth dont drink red wine, or eat stuff like certain pies candies dressings or sauces that can stain your teeth.

Remove red wine stain on clothes?

There is a product called Wine B'Gone Stain Remover Spray that works great. This is sold online or in wine shops.

What are some proven methods for wine stain removal?

Keeping the stain wet is the key. Use water especially and club soda is known to work well. If the stain is red wine, then white wine can neutralize it. Work on the stain from outside in.

How can I remove red wine stains from carpet?

Time is of the essence when removing red wine stains from carpet, the sooner you try to clean it out the easier it will be. There is actually a home remedy for both the wet red wine stain and another for dry red wine stains. You can go to to find the ingredients for your home remedy red wine stain remover.

How do you remove red wine stains from teeth?

Remove red wine stains from teeth by using Wine Naps. you can use it on your lips too! winenaps are great

How do you clean red stain from carpet?

Really depends on what type of red stain. Cleaning procedures are different for red dye or red wine for example.

Which condition is a flat persistent dark red birthmark made of pigmented cells?

port-wine stainport-wine stain

Which stain is most difficult to remove?

Red Wine