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Most likely the pattern number

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Q: Reed barton sterling candlestick stamped also stamped 'weighted and reinforced' With the number 20 stamped just below that Any idea of a value?
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Does gold get stamped saying sterling?

No. Only sterling gets stamped sterling. Gold is stamped gold. If you have an item that looks gold but has a sterling stamp you have sterling with gold bonded on top of it.

How can you tell if a necklace is sterling silver?

If it is sterling it is usually stamped as sterling

Silver bowl stamped sterling it is made by Rogers with an anchor on each side is it silver or silver plate?

If the bowl is stamped "sterling," it is genuine sterling silver, not silver plate.

What is the stamped number for sterling silver?

Sterling silver is stamped 925 or .925 because it is 92.5% silver, and 7.5% alloy (usually copper).

What does it mean if a piece of silver is only stamped sterling?

Sterling stamped on any item is .925 silver and .075 other base metal.

What does 956 stamped into a ring mean?

Sterling silver

Is 825 silver sterling?

No, sterling silver is stamped 925 and composes of 92.5% silver

What is stamped number on sterling silver?


What does an F stamped on jewelry mean?

means its 90% sterling

Can sterling silver jewelry be stamped 923?

923 is not a stamp for sterling silver. Sterling silver is defined as being 92.5 percent pure silver as a minimum and is therefore usually stamped 925. 923 could be another mark than a purity stamp though.

What does a bracelet stamped with 925 750 Italy mean?

A Bracelet Stamped 925 Italy Means That it is solid Sterling silver...

Can silverplate jewelry be marked 925?

No. Jewelry stamped 925, .925 or "sterling" is genuine sterling, not silverplate.

What does STER stamped on the inside of a ring mean?


What does 925 dqcz stamped on earrings mean?

The .925 stands for Sterling Silver. Pure Sterling, 92.5%, will always be stamped .925, even if it it Gold Plated. The DQ stands for Diamonique Quality, which means it was purchased at QVC. The CZ is Cubic Zirconia. So it's a Sterling (or gold over sterling) earring with fake stones.

What does 825 Italy stamped on necklace signify is you real gold?

825 is not gold 825 is probably 925 meaning sterling silver blurred or miss stamped

What does IS stamped on a silver spoon mean?

International Silver Company but that doesn't mean its sterling unless it says sterling.

Is 925 stamped on gold?

No, 925 is the stamp for sterling silver.

What does STER stamped on jewelry mean?

STER is short for STERLING, which is 92.5 silver.

What does 925 vc mean stamped on the inside of a ring?

it means sterling sliver.

925 c2 on stamped on a silver ring?

it is .925% silver, or "sterling silver"

How much is silver bracelet worth stamped 925 and made in thailand.?

A silver bracelet stamped with 925 is typically sterling silver. Sterling silver has a current market value of US $17.19 per ounce.

What does 925 sun mean stamped on a ring?

It means it's Sterling Silver (925), and the SUN is the stamp for the manufacturer

What does nv stamped inside of ring mean?

The NV stamped inside of your ring means that it is from the Nevada Silver Mines, and therefor must be Sterling!

What does SS mean stamped on jewelry?

SS stamped on jewelry means Sterling Silver. Some other common stamps for Sterling Silver are "925" "S/S" "ster" "sterling" and "sterling silver" SP stamped means "Silver Plated" - No Real Value because it is only a coating that is put over a less valuable metal such as Brass or Copper.GP stamped means "Gold Plated" (same as above)Common stamps found on Gold are 10k, 14k and 18k (they could also be stamped with a three digit number: 416 (same as 10k), 585 (same as 14k) and 750 (same as 18k)

I want to get silver earrings; how can you tell whicg is the best quality of silver?

you always want to make sure to get sterling silver. If it is sterling silver, it will have .925 or sterling stamped on it