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Hi, Yes it could be implantation bleeding hun. If it is, you can see your doctor for a quantitative beta hcg blood test and you will get the result within three days. Good luck.

2006-09-06 19:54:04
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Can implantation bleeding change from brown to red?

implantation bleeding can either be a brown or really light pink color if it goes red your probably experiencing a regular period especially if the bleeding starts out light and gets a little more heavy

Can implantation bleeding be almost as heavy as a regular period?

It shouldn't be

Can you tell the difference between implantation bleeding caused by pregnancy and a regular period?

A period can normally go from light to heavy to light as implantation bleeding is scanty and light. Normally your period is red but implantation bleeding can be pink or a brown discharge. When I had implantation bleeding it lasted 5 days and it was a very light brown color. Answer: Yes most the time you can tell the difference. Sometimes people get it confused with their period tho if they are irregular or just think that was it. Best thing to do is wait a week after what might be implantation and take a test for best results.

Can you have implantation bleeding 2 weeks after your period started?

This is more likely to be ovulation bleeding. Implantation bleeding normally happens around the time of your period, if you have a regular 28 day cycle. Hope this helps.

What is can go wrong if you have implantation bleeding?

Implantation Bleeding After ovulation the egg travels into the uterus and burrows into the lining of the uterus. For some women implantation will cause slight bleeding or spotting. This is called implantation bleeding. This is sometimes confused for an early period. What does implantation bleeding or spotting look like? Implantation bleeding, also called implantation spotting, does not look like a regular menstrual period. Implantation bleeding is scanty and usually pink or brownish discharge. Implantation bleeding or menstrual period? Implantation bleeding normally occurs a week to a few days before your period would normally start. Spotting that occurs around a week after ovulation is likely implantation bleeding; whereas, spotting that occurs very close to the time that your period would normally start may not be. A normal menstrual cycle generally starts off light and then gets heavier. Spotting can sometimes be the sign of an early period. If this is the case, the spotting will pick up to heavier bleeding. If you have spotting right around the time your period would normally start, it can be more confusing. You will need to take the wait and see approach or take a pregnancy test to determine pregnancy.

Is it possible to have implantation bleeding before a regular period?

Yes but I'm not sure about getting the period tho cause I had Implantation bleeding then 2 weeks later I got my period but then my periods started going in a pattern ever since after I had it Implantation bleeding. From Pink Princess

Period or implantation bleeding?

So I had protected sex twice before this recent period. I was on time, started off one day with brown discharge, next day had a heavy blood flow and random blood clots then pretty much nothing the next day. I usually have a regular blood flow for 3days then it lighten up and I rarely start off with brown discharge...can that be implantation bleeding? And how long should I wait to take a pregnancy test if so?

You have PCOS and your periods are irregular but for the past 7 months you have been pretty regular you are 11 days late and you took a test it was negative but you have brown discharge?

It could be implantation bleeding. Wait 2-3 days and test again.

How do you know if its vaginal bleeding after conception or periods?

Some women get implantation bleeding shortly after conception as the fertilized eggs attaches to the lining of the uterus. Implantation bleeding will occur before the time when the regular menstrual period is due. It is usually brown to light red in color and is more like spotting than a flow of a regular menstrual period.

Headache possible implantation bleeding?

Hi I always been regular this month intead of my period I'm getting this strange bleendind w/ some cramping, also I have a bad haedache today does anyone know if that could be implantation bleeding?

Can you have implantation bleeding then get your period?

If you have implantation bleeding, and then bleed again shortly afterwards then you may have had a very early miscarriage. Spotting is common in early pregnancy, but heavy bleeding is something a Dr should look into. Some women report regular cycle bleeding (that is not a period because no ovulation occurred) during pregnancy, but this is very unusual.

Why do you have brown blood about 1 to 2 weeks after your period?

implantation bleeding, After ovulation the egg travels into the uterus and burrows into the lining of the uterus. For some women implantation will cause slight bleeding or spotting.Implantation bleeding, also called implantation spotting, does not look like a regular menstrual period. Implantation bleeding is scanty and usually pink or brownish discharge.Implantation bleeding is fairly common with pregnancy. Twenty to thirty percent of women will have spotting during early pregnancy. If you have some light spotting before your period would normally start this is not something to worry about and may be a sign of pregnancy

How do you know if it is a regular period or pregnancy period?

Implantation bleeding only lasts 2-3 days and is more of a lighter pink color.

You have tested positive for pregnancy and have seen some brownish spotting?

This could be a cause of implantation It is known as implantation bleeding and is completely normal. This happens when the newly fertilized egg implants itself in the uterine wall and your uterus gets rid of the excess "brownish" liquid. Implantation normally happens within 3-7 days of conception, but the implantation bleeding may "wait" until your regular menstrual period time (though this will be much lighter than a regular period and won't last as long).

Period is late 1 day Im always regular and I never come on late But today at 15 dpo cd29 i went to the bathroom and when i wiped it was watery like brownpinkish discharge Whats going on?

It is possible that you are pregnant and the brownpinkish discharge was an indication of implantation bleeding. It is also possible that your luteal phase was longer than usual (due to stress, or travel or other factors) and the discharge indicates that your period is about to start.

What if you get Implantation bleeding but get a period which came early 2 weeks after you got implantation bleeding?

If you get your period I do not believe it could have been implantation bleeding. You cannot get a period when you are pregnant. Any bleeding that you could have gotten would be implantation bleeding, which isn't very common, and you would not have gotten your period afterwards. No the above answer is wrong. You CAN get your period when you are pregnant. Not just once but every month. A woman in Canada just gave birth and didn't even know she was pregnant because she had a regular period every month, had no pregnancy symptoms and because she is a larger woman, could not see her stomach grow. Therefore, YES you CAN get pregnant and still have a period.

Can you have a period 4 days after conception?

If you truly conceived, no. Women do not have regular periods after becoming pregnant. What you experienced was probably implantation bleeding. This bleeding is caused by the fertilized egg attaching itself to the uterine wall.

Can you be pregnant with dark brown discharge instead of your regular period blood after you are a week late?

If you have ovulated late in your cycle than implantation could have taken place later, than it might have been implantation bleeding. Now, you may take an early pregnancy test to see... ANSWER That maybe Implantation bleeding but it doesn't always mean your pregnant late periods can be caused by stress, age and diet. If you have irregular periods that's normal to happen when you have irregular periods you can come on late or skip a period I think you should see a doctor or take a pregnancy test Kat

How many times does implantation bleeding occur?

The actual bleeding from the implantation happens once. The fertilized egg only implants once. However, some women bleed consistantly throughout their pregnancy; every month. Generally, if you're pregnant and you're a bleeder, it stops after month 3. Always get regular checkups just to be safe.

What is the difference between implantation bleeding and Period bleeding?

implanation bleeding is a lot lighter, than you regular period, and usually has little to no clotting, the bleeding will be shorter and will be a pinkier or a brownish color, but if you are stressed out about pregnancy you could be having your period and it might just be screwed up or something, so i would take a test if i was you

What is the difference between periods and implantation bleeding?

Implantation bleeding normally occurs 2-3 days before your normal period is due, presents as slight blood spotting on the panties and is gone after a day. No need for regular menstrual protection such as pads or tampons. A period however will traditionally last between 3-7 days and blood loss will be enough to wear a sanitary napkin or other protection.Implantation bleeding is usually scanty and happens between 6-12 days after ovulation while periods takes place when theres no ovulation.

Could you be pregnant if you had brown discharge instead of a period and brown discharge again 3 weeks later this time lasting for a week and now you've had regular bleeding for a week?

Its unlikely your pregnant but there is a possibility. So do a pregnancy test.

If you was with a guy on January 28 and than with another one like everyday and your last period was feburary 17 but you cant remember if it was regular or not who is the father of your baby?

No one can tell youu this because you don't know if the period was regular or not. If your period was regular it cannot be either one of them. if you only had sex with them before your period because coming on your period would mean that you did not conceive that cycle. But if was irregular it could have been implantation bleeding, suggesting the second partner as being the father. The partner on January 28 would not give you implantation bleeding over 3 weeks later.

What is the probability of implantation bleeding being heavy and coming on the same day of the expected period day and lasting for 4 to 5 days or is it just a regular period?

is your period normally 4 to 5 days

What are the symptoms of cervical cancer?

There are lot of symptoms a cervical cancer has. Some of these symptoms are abnormal bleeding, unusual heavy discharge, pelvic pain, pain during urination and bleeding between regular menstrual periods and after sexual intercourse