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Relation between pascal and bar?

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There are 100000 pascals in 1 bar.

So 1 pascal = 1.0E-5 Bar

2011-09-02 07:02:34
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Q: Relation between pascal and bar?
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What is the relation between pascal and cm of mercury?

1 Pascal = 0.000750062 cmHg

What is the ratio between bar and pascal?

A bar is 100,000 pascals

How much bar equal to 1 pascal?

1 pascal = 0.00001 bar

Is there a relation between math and bar codes?


Whatisdifference between mega pascal and bar?

1 mega pascal= 10 bar. .1 megapascals= 100,000 pascals= 1 bar. They're just different by a factor of 10 (or 100,000 if comparing to pascals).

Is any relation bETWEEN psi and bar?

Yes. 1 bar is about 14.7 psi.

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What is relation between newton and pascal?

A Newton is a measure of forceA Pascal (symbol: Pa) is a unit of pressure which is 1 Newton per Metre squared (N/m2)

1 pascal equals how many bars?

1 pascal (Pa) = 10-5 bar

What can you measure in units of Pascal Torr or Bar?


What is relation between PSI and bar?

PSI and Bar are units of pressure. PSI is pounds per square inch. The conversion rate between the two is one bar is equal to 14.5038 PSI. Bar is a non-SI measurement of pressure.

1 bar is how many Pascal?

100,000 (just type "1 bar in pascals" into google)

How much Atmospheric pressure is on Earth and Venus?

Earth: about 100,000 Pascal at sea level. 100,000 Pascal is also known as 1 bar. Venus: about 92 bar at surface level.

Unit of measurement for air pressure?

Pascal, bar, atm, psi,...

Is 1 pascal equal to 1 newtoncentimeter squared?

1 pascal=newton/square meter ie, 1pa=1N/m^2 1 bar= 100kpa 1 bar= 10^5 pa

What does bar mean in math?

A horizontal line, placed above a symbol.Also (in physics), a bar is a unit of pressure. 1 bar = 100,000 pascal.

How much ton in 1 bar?

A bar is a unit of pressure, not a unit of weight, nor of mass. A bar is 100,000 pascal, or 100,000 newton / meter2.

What volts per bar in db is equivalent to volts per micro pascal in db?

I think 1 volt/bar when expressed in db you need to add 200 db to get reading in volts per micro pascal.

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What is the si unit that water pressure is measured in?

There is no specific unit for "water pressure". The unit for pressure in general is the pascal; 1 pascal = 1 newton / square meter. In practice, the "bar" is often used, but that's not, strictly speaking, an SI unit. 1 bar = 100,000 pascal, and it is approximately equal to 1 atmosphere.

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