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Why is there conflict in Northern Ireland?

issues with religion and whether or not to become independent fromBritain (the protestants wanted to stay with Britain, the Catholicswanted to separate) there were domestic terrorist attacks betweenthe 2 groups (i think they began fixing their situation in 2005 BUTLOOK IT UP BECAUSE I MAY BE WRONG O ( Full Answer )

What is the relevance of sociology and anthropology to Nigeria?

The relevance of sociology in 2007 is to make people aware of their surroundings, that people just don't take there surrounds for granted. the relevance of anthropology is that this is the study of human kind so that it may study of what the differences among people and this is the way on how people ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of the conflicts in Nigeria?

The conflicts in Nigeria have caused violence against the nativepeople and between religious groups. The conflicts have caused thecreation of refugee camps and mass starvation among people in thearea.

Industrial relation in Nigeria?

The industrial relation in Nigeria was developed to help regulatethe industry in the country. It looks at the various Nigeria'slabor relations.

What sociological terms are relevant to conflict theory?

Conflict theory is one of the main theories in sociology. It wascreated by Karl Marx, and states that social classes in society arein competition with one another and that the lower class is givenunequal access to materials and money. Some of the terms relevantto conflict theory are bourgeoisie, pro ( Full Answer )

What is the conflict in northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland has a history of conflict between unionists, whowanted to remain a part of United Kingdom, and republicans, whowanted all of Ireland to be free of British rule. The 1960s throughthe 1990s were a period of violence between the two groups, andsome tensions still persist.

What are the effects of communal conflicts in nigeria?

The effect of communal conflict in Nigeria include equality needinga resolution. There are issues for the people receiving fairtreatment equally concerning the wealth distribution, and the powerof the country is not balanced. The people of Nigeria need to beeducated, and unite in order to resolve th ( Full Answer )

The objectives of privatization on Nigeria banking industry?

Objective of Privatization and Commercialization in Nigeria. 1. To re-structure and rationalize the public sector in order to lessen the dominant unproductive investment in that sector. 2. To re-orientation the enterprises privatization and commercialization towards a new horizon of performance ( Full Answer )

What is industrial conflict?

When disputes arise in the workplace, they may be because of the rostering schedule or more serious matters, such as the inability of stakeholders to reach a settlement on the negotiation of new wage agreements or things such as unfair dismissals of employees.

What is the relevance of the malthusian theory of population in Nigeria?

In Nigeria the argument is relevant because is for reducing the family size. According to Malthusians theory there are two ways of controlling population these are ;prevention and positive checks.prevention here means controll in birth rate, and the use of different methods to control birth while po ( Full Answer )

Relevance of manual drawing in the construction industry?

it has a massive relevence as the drawings in construction are like a second language they are used to plot where everything of a build will go right down to the simple parts such as light switches and everything there is also etchings and keys to show each different compontes in the build for insta ( Full Answer )

How is Stoichiometry relevant in industrial chemistry?

Large scale industrial processes, like oil refineries or fermentation, generally employ multiple chemical reactions to produce their final products. Stoichiometry describes the quantitative relationship between raw materials consumed and products produced in chemical reactions. Stoichiometry (couple ( Full Answer )

What is the major industries of Nigeria?

Crude oil, coal, tin, columbite, palm oil, peanuts, cotton, rubber,wood, hides and skins, textiles, cement and other constructionmaterials, food products, footwear, chemicals, fertilizer,printing, ceramics, steel, and petroleum are the major industriesof Nigeria.

When did the conflicts in northern Ireland begin?

In 1610 When England enacted what was known as the Articles of Plantation. They transferred ownership of land from the indigenous people toimmigrants loyal to the Crown. (A similar situation as is taking place in Israel Loyalists from Scotland and England were "planted" on the best land, while the o ( Full Answer )

Factors hindering industrial growth in Nigeria?

The main issue with Nigeria is the resource curse. The resource curse is where a nation or a state with a very valuable and plentiful supply of resources. It is also referred to as the paradox of the plenty because countries that seem to have an enormous amount of wealth tend to have less economic g ( Full Answer )

What are the factors that delay industrial growth in Nigeria?

Nigeria is one of the richest countries in the world, their cohbolt mines supply the world with cohbolt for use of mobile phones. the delay in industrial growth is down to corruption within the govt, nigeria can never be allowed to grow industry wise as this would have dire effects on the govt burst ( Full Answer )

Who was the Northern Ireland Conflict between?

Nationalist: predominantly Catholic, descended from the native (formerly Gaelic-speaking) population. Unionist: predominantly Protestant, descended from Scottish/English colonists in the 1600s who were English-speaking.

What are the causes of industrial conflict?

Industrial conflict is caused by a clash between employers and employees. Generally, the causes of industrial conflict fall into categories such as working conditions, wage demands, work practices, political disputes and social concerns.

What industries are in Nigeria?

\nthey have the twin towers and Santa Fe. This place has cracker falls and hacker falls.It is not a very popular place for industry though. This place smells really bad too.

What are the Factors affecting economics industrialization in Nigeria?

Factors affecting economics in Nigeria is lack of education,poverty, high cost to produce with low profit margins, roadsprevent growth, and lack of support from the government.Industrialization would make life harder for people who lack skillsand resources because of automation. Workers are exploite ( Full Answer )

What is the conflict in Northern Ireland was over?

The conflict in Ireland is over nationalism and unionism. As nationalists, whom persist of mostly the catholic community wanted a free Ireland, free from British rule and unionists wanted to obtain the united north of Ireland with the British crown. The troubles in Northern Ireland were a time of se ( Full Answer )

How did the Northern Ireland conflict end?

The two largest political parties, one from each of the communities, formed a compulsory coalition government, where previously each party had refused to enter into peace talks or an active government with the other. Also, the main paramilitaries, including the Provisional IRA, agreed to disarm an ( Full Answer )

Do industrial chemist get job easily in Nigeria?

Chemists are in d right profession at d wrong place and time. They belong to future when industrialization will reign supreme.Till then it remains a case of so many scientists too few labs.there's hope,d future's in d lab.

Who started the conflict in northern Ireland?

That is a very complex question. It would take an explanation of 800 years of Irish history to answer it. It would also depend on your interpretation of this history. Different people have different perspectives of it. So there is no simple answer.

What is Economic meltdown and it relevance in banking industry?

If you are referring to the recent meltdown in started only with financial services firms including banks. Economic meltdown is an unexpected but accelerated financial system failures resulting in drastic reduction in economic activity.

The role of industrialization in economic developmentof nigeria?

I will start by referring you back to any of the various violent occurances in the country in recent times.the age bracket of the people who carried the act were basically the youth who are so strong and energitic and looking for where to discharge the strenght. If the country have enough industries ( Full Answer )

What are the roles of industrialization in the economic development of Nigeria?

ROLE OF INDUSTRIALIZATION IN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF THE COUNTRY Industrialization plays a vital role in the economic development of an underdeveloped country. The historical facts reveal that all the developed countries of the world broke the vicious circle of underdevelopment by industrialization ( Full Answer )

Religious conflict in Nigeria causes and solution?

Religious conflict in Nigeria is caused by differing philosophiesand the inability to compromise their ideals. Changing social andeconomic problems in Nigeria can help relieve some of the religiousconflict.

Is six sigma relevant to construction industry?

Six Sigma is relevant to all industries as it seeks to improve quality, reduce waste and reduce errors. The whole philosophy is based upon trying to understand how you existing processes work and then you are in a far better position to look at how and where you can make improvements. Improving qual ( Full Answer )

Why did the Northern Ireland conflict happen?

Basically, the ruling protestant majority oppressed the catholic minority denying them jobs, housing and other important basic civil rights. In the 60's (possibly 50's I can't remember the exact date) the IRA was reformed and began conducting minor attacks on key installations like power stations, m ( Full Answer )

How various administrations have enhanced industrialization in Nigeria?

How various administrations in nigeria have contributed to the growth of industrialization and export diversification? View Slide Show . View Slide Show Related Questions . What can you do as a country and as citizens to reduce poverty? . Discuss the importance of the entrepreneurial p ( Full Answer )

Is kinship still relevant in Nigeria society?

Kinship is no doubt still relevant to the contemporary Nigerian society today. for instance my great grand father emigrated from ilorin kwara state of Nigeria after a confrontation with a powerful force then. he settled at idah town in kogi state of Nigeria... many decades after,we his descendants ( Full Answer )

How did the conflict in northern Ireland start?

well the very start was the plantation of ulster, some 400 years ago, when protestants came from britain, in 1969 what is known today as the troubles started with the battle of the bogside in derry/londonderry, non stop rioting by catholics looking for civil rights caused the police to retreat from ( Full Answer )

What industries does Nigeria specialize in?

Nigeria's largest economic sector is oil production. The country relies heavily on fossil fuel production, so much so that it is often considered a classic example of the "resource curse". 25% of the economy is devoted to agriculture, and Nigeria is the largest producer of agricultural goods in Afri ( Full Answer )

What were the effects of the conflict in Northern Ireland?

There could be a massive answer to that, as it affected so many things. Here are a few things. People died, so that affected families. Buildings were destroyed and jobs lost so it affected the economy. Trust between people got worse. People's fears increased. The reputation of the troubles in ( Full Answer )

How did you sustain christian in northern Nigeria?

In the country of Nigeria that main religion is spilt between Christianity in the South and West parts and Muslim in the Northern parts. Many Christians in the North sustain their belief by keeping it low key and travelling into the South for services and enrichment times.

Why is it hot in Nigeria in December when it is in the Northern Hemisphere?

In more temperate latitudes in the northern hemisphere temperauresare low in december becuase the sun's rays strike earth as a veryoblique angle, meaning the energy is more spread out, and the sameamount of surface recieved less heat. Nigeria is in the tropics,very close to the equator where the sun ( Full Answer )