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New York was originally a Dutch colony, and those Dutch brought their own religion with them (primarily Protestant Christianity). Eventually the British took the colony from the Dutch, and one of the first things they did was make the Church of England (now known in the US as Episcopal Church) the official religion of the colony. However, other Christian denominations were tolerated.

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Q: Religion in the New York colony?
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Related questions

What religion did the new york colony have?

There were a number of religions that the New York colony had. However, Protestantism was the main religion in this colony.

Predominant religion in the New York colony?

The predominant religion in the New York colony was Protestant Christianity.

New York colony religion?

The New York colony religion was Quakers, Catholics, Lutherans, Jews, and others

How did they view religion in New York?

they would kill you if you didn't have a religion in New York colony times

How did religion affect New York colony?

a variety of counties, cultures, and religions settled in the colony of New York.

What was the religion of the colony of New York?


What was the colonial New York colony religion?


New york became an english colony when?

The Colony of New York was founded in 1664. New York and New Jersey became English colonies because the English wanted worship their religion.

Religions in the New York colony?

The most popular religion in the New York colony was Christianity, which breaks into smaller categories such as Anglican, Catholic, Lutheran, Calvinism, etc.

What role did religion play in the colony in new york?

cathlicism kayna

What is virginas dominat religon?

The major religion in the colony of New York is Muslim.

What religion group did the New York colony belong to?

they were most likely christians

Why did James the Duke of York not make New York a Catholic colony?

because he wanted everyone to has there own religion

New York colony religon?

Christianity, it was the most prominent religion in America at the time.

What was the colony like in the colony of New York?

It was a royal colony with a governor appointed by the king. It was very rocky, and had rich virgin soil. They also had freedom of religion.

How was New York governed?

The New York Colony was governed as a Royal Colony. The Colony of New York existed from 1609 to 1692.

What religion were practiced in colonial New York?

New York was very similar to Massachusetts, but under a slight influence from Pennsylvania, in terms of religion, it was a colony where Separatists (Pilgrims), Quakers and Puritans established their respective beliefs.

Is new york a middle colony a southern colony or an northern colony?

New York is a middle colony.

What religious group settled in new york?

The colony of New York was settled first by the Dutch and then by the English. The main religion of both the Dutch and English was Protestantism. New York was one of the Middle colonies.

What role did religion play in the development in New York colony?

Of all the places in colonial America, perhaps the most tolerant one was New York and New York City. With that said, New York attracted more immigrants and they added to the development of New York.

Who were the founders of the New York colony?

the Duke of York founded the colony of New York

Where there any problems between the New Hampshire colony and the New York colony?

No, there was no problem between the Colony of New Hampshire and the colony of New York.

Who were the kings of the New York Colony?

New York Colony had no kings.

What religion was in the New York colony?

New York had freedom of religion, but most people in New York were Catholics; Baptists, Protestants, Presbyterians, and the Quakers are some.

Who was the founder of New York colony?

The founder of the New York Colony was James, the Duke of York.