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Remington model 11 built around 1910 How can you find it's valuehow can you fing the value of Remington model 11 shotgun?


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January 27, 2009 1:36AM

The Remington Model 11 was a "Browning A-5" Made under licence agreement by Remington on the Browning patent. It's value on the market in general (from my observation) is quite a bit less the the Actual Browning. It depends largely on it's age and condition, (like all older guns). If it's in poor condition it's still worth around $200 to sombody. If is in excellent condition it could fetch $600-700 easily. Most bring $300-500. There are many varibles, or Grades, Ventilated rib barrel is a plus, 16 Gauge is a plus to me, fancy scrolling (other than the standard grass and bird dog and dog and grouse, "opposite side") will defenitely increase the price. (Please don't take the description of the standard scrolling too literal, I wasn't looking at one) If it's heavily scrolled, or has some gold inlay on a part of the decor (bird dog, whatever) It's a higher grade. I would have to have more description and or pictures to give you any better information. "It's a good shooter for sure" (If it's not falling apart) Ps: These were the grandfathers of the auto loading shotgun, invented by John M. Browning. They are great pieces of history. There weak point is the forearm. If you overtighten the retaining nut, shooting will cause cracks to form at the rear of the forearm (usually at 5 o'clock and 7'oclock positions) Due to the sliding barrel gas reloading system. Tighten the forearm nut three clicks only, (trust me it clicks) DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN! TERRY (