Remote does not open garage door?

You have to make sure that the remote you are using is compatible with the garage door opener receiver, and that they are programmed to work with each other. Before I write everything here.. go to and scroll down to the instructions on how to select the right remote, it'll tell you what to do.

Just to add on...

First, as logical as this may be, please check your remote's batteries. It happens every now and then, but this is a situation where you could save yourself some money. Second, make sure it's not a bad remote, if you have another remote check to see if that one works. If both remotes don't work, your issue is most likely a remote or remotes that are not synced with the automatic opener. Or, in the worst situation, your automatic opener unit is broken.

In the case that you need new garage door remotes, please look for a remote that matches what you currently have (assuming this remote is the correct remote for your opener). If you cannot find the correct remote, a universal remote is fine.