Remote key fob does not unlock your doors on a 97 Volvo 850?

there is some trick like turning key on and off (just to power, not engine on) three times and than pushing the unlock button on the fob, that should reprogram it. also, i have to press and hold mine for 1 second, then the door unlocks when i release - NOT while its pushed down.

Some additional info:

* Programming the 1997 Volvo 850 remote is explained in detail in the 850 user manual.

* Basically turn the key from position I (off) to position II (on) [not start position III]

5 times in 30 seconds. Then push a button on the remote. This should allow the

car to recognize the remote.

* On my remote I needed to clean the contacts to get BOTH lock and unlock to work.

My remote would lock but not unlock. Take remote apart and clean contacts.

Hope this helps.