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Be more specific please- what about removing it? cost? difficulty?

What type of pool is it? fiberglass? vinyl liner? concrete?

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Q: Remove in ground pool
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Pool Paint?

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How do you remove an in-ground pool liner?

2 words: BURN IT!!!!!

Swimming pool liners?

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Can you drain water from above ground pool and keep the pool up?

Yes, the pool will not collapse if you remove the water as long as it is not broken.

What is the most cost-effective way to remove an in-ground pool?

Filling the pool in with topsoil and planting or sodding the area

How do you remove wrinkles from the bottom of an in-ground pool and why are they there if the pool is new?

The wrinkles are there to provide for liner shrinkage over the years.

How do you remove algae that is crusted on to an above ground pool?

With a stainless steel brush.

How do you remove pool cover from above ground pool without getting leaves into the pool?

Very carefully, You could try to remove them with a scoop net first. or if the top of the liner is dry vacuum them.

How do you remove water from an above ground pool?

If there is no drain plug then you can use a sump pump.

Can you rehang the liner on your above-ground pool if it fell over in the winter?

You can rehang the liner on your above-ground pool if it fell over in the winter but you will need to remove the pool corner caps, the rail, and all of the water. You can then re-stretch the pool liner and refill the pool.

What do you need to do to prevent damage to pool walls and liner as my above ground pool cover has collapsed into pool from weight of snow and ice?

If you can get to it, remove the wire used to hold the cover on. Remove as much snow as you can, try to minimize the weight on your pool.

How do you remove broken tempered glass from an above ground pool?

Drain the pool..Its the only away one can ensure to get all of the glass out..

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