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Remove wood stain from ceramic tile?

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2009-11-17 15:28:03


If it's a hard, smooth glazed finish, you should be able to

remove it with whatever it says on the stain can to thin or clean

up with. Probably mineral spirits.

If it has a more porous or pitted surface, you can probably forget



I found this solution completely by accident after spilling 8 oz

of red mahogany stain on while tile/grout walls etc.. after cursing

like crazy and googeling-- which I found nothing except how to

remove stain off of hands-- Olive Oil. Works absolutely

wonderfully, I wiped up as much as I could with paper toweling,

dumped olive oil on the floor and started wiping (while still

cursing). Stain came off of everything including the white walls.

Then I used really hot water and dawn dish soap to get off of oil.

Good Luck!!

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