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bumper removalI had to do this just last week to replace a headlight assembly. After much trial and error I finally found out that it is only 4 bolts and 2 nuts to remove the bumper. Look through the slots in the lower front of the bumper. You will see a bracket in there, one on each side of the bumper. Remove the two bolts from each of these brackets, I think they are 15 or 17 mm. Now look under the hood in the area these brackets are mounted. You will see a nut on a stud. I could get at the driver's side quite easily, but you may have to remove the battery on the other side to have enough room to get at it there. That's all ,as now the bumper will come off. . Ken


The bolts to remove the brackets are not visible through the slots in the bumper, the turn signal housings must be removed from the bumper first. Use Phillips screwdriver to remove one screw per side to remove the turn signal housings. Then use a long extension and a 12 MM socket for the bracket bolts, through the signal housing openings. Two bolts per side, one nut per side. The nuts are located one each side, on the back side of the radiator support.

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I just did this today. The original poster is correct in the 4 bolts and 2 nuts to remove. However, there are a few additional nuts/screws to remove to fully remove bumper. First, there are 2 screws on the bumper on the inside of the wheel well, 2 on each side, 4 total. Follow the bumper down to the bottom and then move forward from the wheel about 6 inches. You'll see another bolt. Again, 1 on each side, 2 total. Lastly, there are 2 nylon screws that connect the lower bumper cowl to the forward engine cowl. To remove unscrew halfway and then pull. It takes a pretty good tug, but it will come out. The bumper should now be free to remove.

If you're just changing a headlight, I would recommend removing the 4 bolts and 2 nuts the original poster mentioned and then the additional hardware on just 1 side. You don't need to fully remove the bumper to get the headlight out...just need to really pull it away and down. Removing all hardware on only one side will allow you to pull it down on just one side and remove the headlight. This also makes reassembly much easier. Good luck!

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Q: Removing front bumper from '91 Honda Accord?
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