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I actually have a brand new blower motor for a 2002 Nissan maxima. Its brand new, I bought it from Sandy Sansing Nissan in Pensacola, Florida thinking I needed to replace it, but it was actually my fan control amplifier that needed replacing. So if you need a new blower motor, I can ship you a new one for a bargain. I paid 219.00 for it, I'll let it go for 100.00. email me at


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You can find the 2004 Nissan Maxima blower motor relay switch beneath the passenger side dashboard. The blower motor relay switch will be behind the glove compartment.

To change the blower motor resistor in a 2002 Nissan Maxima, locate the blower motor resistor under the glove compartment on the passenger side of the vehicle. There is a clip that is depressed and then the resistor will slide out. Remove both ends of the resistor and then replace with the new resistor.

The blower motor resistor is mounted next to the motor on the passengers side under the dash..............

change the blower motor resistor. done deal.

* Disconnect the negative battery cable * Remove the glove compartment and lower dash trim to gain access to the heater case and blower motor * Detach the blower motor cover and disconnect the electrical connector from the blower motor * Remove the blower motor mounting screws and pull the blower motor carefully out of the housing * If you are replacing the motor detach the fan and transfer it to the new motor

Behind the glove box, hope this helps.

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One can replace blower motor resistor on 2003 Nissan altima by removing the old using spanners and replacing it with a new one.

autozone should have this part. if they dont, try orielly.

where is the blower motor on a nissan rogue

Check to see if you have 12 volts at the blower motor. If yes then the blower motor is bad. If no, then the resistor, relay, or fuse is bad.

The Nissan blower motor can be found in the engine compartment on the firewall. The blower motor will be on the passenger side of the firewall.

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The blower motor is located just below the glove box / passenger seat foot area. It is easier to remove the glove box to get clear access to it. Bruce

The Nissan Quest blower motor is located on the firewall in the engine compartment. The blower motor can be found on the passenger side of the engine compartment.


the blower is behind your glove box. You need to remove the glove box to get to it. this is what your looking but it will be upside-down. Its only a couple screws, and a plug to connect. I went to a junk yard and found one to but on my 95 max.

At your local auto parts store just ask for the parts book

The Blower Motor Resistor Pack is defective. Replace it.

On the passenger side up under the dash locate the blower and unplug the wires remove three screws (8 mm ) and drop the motor down and replace

The 2001 Nissan Quest blower motor resistor is located on the firewall in the engine compartment. The blower motor resistor will be on the passenger side of the firewall.

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