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Nanci, in the book it tells you to disconect the front engine supports and use a ratchet strap to roll the engine foreward. I have not tried it yet but if you have the repair book and follow the directions it looks simple enough. I was going to try to change them without doing it and it looks impossible. I got the book from autozone. But I know the library has a copy you can check out. Good luck

AnswerI did sparkplug change and wires without removing anything else. The back three plugs look mind numbingly impossible, but you can (if you don't have meaty hands) get to them from underneath. Took me about 2 and 1/2 hrs to change plug and wires. You need a 3 inch socket extension for the plugs and, I used a full length handled 3/8 rachet. A stubby handle rachet would make removeal much easier. As for removing the wires; There is a wire loom on the back, the same as is on the front wires. The loom on the back I could not get unclipped. So, I cut it off. The wires that go to the back are quite short and I didn't bother to reinstall the loom. You can fish the wires up and out from on top of the engine, just work them slow and carefully. They came out easier than I thought they would. Enjoy.


I am not an expert, but I just did my 2000 Venture today, new plugs and wires.

Tips about rotating engine forward if you do not have ramps... I don't. Engine needs to be in neutral, ratchet strap on driver side lifting eye, other end goes below radiator frame mount. Haynes manual shows a hook next to condenser - I don't put pointy things next to cores. Cinch up ratchet strap, then remove the 2 dogbones using 13/15 mm socket on the bolt/nut. Be sure to remove throttle/cruise cables and the big rubber air intake before rotating the engine.

Coil pack...10 mm screws in front, 13 mm nuts on standoffs next to firewall, 3 Packard connectors. I couldn't pull coil pack out as the wiper linkages were in the way - I just pushed it aside, but I also dremel wire-wheeled the corrosion off the terminals.

I got at rear plugs with 1/2" drive with 1/2-3/8 adapter + 2" extension + deep well plug socket. No u-joints required.


Comment to above: loose 8 mm bolts on wiper arm attached to wiper motor,pop up arm and move to driver side.This gives you more room and also can remove coil pack.


Don't gap the plugs - check with parts store as they should be pre-gapped. Gapping may remove platinum from premium plugs and you don't want to do this. Also, a tough job - buy the best wires/plugs u can as this whole thing took me 5+ hours and I don't want to do again for several years.

Use anti-seize compound on the plugs on about 1/2 the threads farthest from the tip as this will make subsequent removal easier.

Number your plug wires with sharpie on both ends, 1-6, it will help keep them straight.

Front plugs/wires are a snap compared to rear bank. I am not a mechanic, just technical by nature and armed with a Haynes manual - again recommended.

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Q: Replacing spark plugs on a 2000 Chevy Venture Van.?
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