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Reset check engine light 98 rav 4?

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Your gas cap was found loose and now you have a check engine light on How do you reset a check engine light on a 2004 Toyota Rav 4?

Reset the Check Engine Light by disconnecting the battery for about 10 minutes.

Reset check engine light on rav 4?

You need a code reader to reset it or go to a shop and get it reset. Average $20 however, if you don't fix the problem why the check engine light came on in the first place it will only come back on again.

How do you reset 2000 Rav 4 check engine light?

Try disconneting the battery for about 10 mins. or have vehicle scanned to have codes cleared

Reset the maintenance required light on 08 Toyota rav 4?

maintenance with engine

What would cause the check engine light on a 1999 Toyota Rav with 66000 miles on it to come on?

check the gas cap... usually if you "lost" yours and/or it isn't tight this could cause the check engine light to come on

Resetting vsc and engine service light 200 rav 4?

You can reset your engine service light by holding in the scroll button. Hold the button in until the engine oil life goes to 100 percent. The engine service light will go off.

HOW do you reset the check engine light after oil change on a 1997 rav4?

well you don't. there is no reset on the check engine light. have someone run a scan on your rav and see what code it has. you can find out what's the problem is. and get it fixed. the most common code is a po401. and most of the time it is the svs switch that needs to be replaced. i just did mine about three weeks ago. by the way check out rav4world on the net. alot of good info there on your rav4 4.1.

What is the yellow warning light on a 2006 Toyota rav 4 mean?

That's probably your check engine light. Take your car to an Autozone, Advance Auto, or O'Reilly auto parts and they'll check it for free.

How do you turn off the check engin light on a 1997 Toyota Rav 4?

Stop by AutoZone and ask them to use their code reader because officially they are not allowed to reset trouble codes.

How do you reset change oil reminder light on an 2002 toyota rav 4?

To reset the reminder light on a Toyota, you need to turn the ignition key forward without starting the vehicle. You then need to pump the gas peddle 3 times within 10 seconds and it will reset the reminder light.

What would cause theCheck engine light to come on in a 1997 Toyota rav 4?

Many check engine lights are hooked to the odometer and come on every so many miles, otherwise you need to download fault codes. GET A MANUAL!

Reset Check Engine light on Toyota Rav 4?

I have a 2004 4runner and this didn't work. I did all the steps but when I restarted the car with the odometer button down it didn't flash and count down and it didn't show 00000's. I still have it showing my oil needs changing even though it was a few days ago.

Reset maintenance light for a 06 rav 4?

Hold down the trip reset button with the key off then while holding it turn the key to the on position and there should be some dashes that count down where the odometer reading is, then it should be out.

What is the problem when the oil pressure light comes on when driving and blinks sometimes at idle on a 2000 Toyota Rav?

Check oil level Could be a bad sending unit Install a mechanical gauge to accurately check oil pressure Could be due to excessive engine wear (bearings)

How do you reset the 'maintenance required' light after servicing a 2004 Toyota Rav 4?

Ya didnt look at the Gogle postings on this long enuf.... I dont own a 2004 rav , but i was doing some research on pt cruiser and got scared to death about what i read I guess im gonna buy the RAV !! aNY WAY THERES A POST that says all you need do is put the trip meter in Odometer... And shut the car off .. hold the reset button down and and turn key back on again ... KEEP HOLDING THE BUTTON IN !after a bit the light stops blinking and its all reset.. Daughters 1998 RAv 2wd 4door has been an absolute Gem ! requireing only tires , and standard maintenance for 48k miles..

Reset engine light on a Toyota rav 4?

Well if the engine light is on, it usually means there is a DTC (diagnostic trouble code). You need to have it checked out and find out what the problem isthat threw thecode and how to fix it, or it will just pop up again and again. But if you just want it to go away temporarily, all you need to do is disconnect the battery completely (positive and negative cables) and wait about 3 minutes for the computer to discharge and reset. NOTE:that after doing this, the engine is going to run a little rougher than your used to as it has been completely reset (as if it was brand new) and has to relearn itself all over again. Hope that helps.

You replaced the relays in your 1997 Toyota RAV 4 and the engine cooling fan does not come on when it's suppose to What else can you check?

If you have replaced the relays in your 1997 Toyota RAV 4, the engine cooling fan may not come on when it is supposed to because of a failure in the wiring, the thermostat that sends to the fan, or the fuse for the cooling system.

How do you reset oil dashboard light on 2004 Toyota rav 4?

If you are referring to the oil interval indicator: Get the message center to "trip meter A", then turn off the car. While holding down the trip reset, turn the key to "on" (not start). Hold the button down for about 5 seconds and all zeros will appear. You are done, light should go out. If this isnt the service indicator light you are referring to; make sure there is oil in your engine, the oil light on most cars is tripped when the oil pressure is too low.

What are the reasons the 'check engine light' would come on in a 2002 Toyota RAV4?

I've been going through the same business for about 2 years. Check engine light usually goes on after a couple hundred miles highway driving, not around town. Last time the dealer was supposed to replace the converter but instead just recalibrated it. It's expensive and time consuming to go through this every few months. It seems to be a racket to eat money while they stall until catalytic converter is off warantee and then they can charge you $1000 to replace it. Anybody have better information or a remedy for this???? When this happened to my 2002 Rav4 I was first told that I needed to have my computer reset. $80 later I left the Toyota Dealer. 2 weeks later I was back "check engine" light on again. This time I was told the oxygen sensors were bad they would have to order me a new cat. convertor. Three days later I spent 4 hours in the waiting room while they replaced my cars cat. convertor. 3 weeks later the "check engine" light is on again. I have another appointment on Monday. I'll let you know what they say. Answer One mechanic told me that my 2002 RAV 4 needed a new O2 sensor for the check engine light on. After a new O2 sensor was installed, the RAV 4 started to shake violently, spewed black smoke and stalled frequently. Another mechanic did check-up and replaced the bad AIR-FUEL sensor. Then the car runs perfectly. The RAV 4 has only one air-fuel sensor and 4 O2 sensors.

How do you turn off the maintenance indicator light on a 2009 rav 4 with keyless enty?

Check your manual on page 358. The answer is on that page. It is kind of hidden, but it is on that page.

What is Engine oil capacity for Toyota 1999 RAV?

3 litres

How do you turn off the check engine light on a 2002 Toyota rav 4?

After my 2001 Rav 4's engine light was on for two years(...yes, after changing two $150-$200 sensors, 5 failed imspections, $250.00 fine for not passing inspection which lead to not being able to renew registration, 6 tickets for no current inspection/registration), Toyota finally sent me letter to say there was a recall on the check engine light. It took them approximately 30 ,imutes to fix the problem after two years of lost time and money...not to mention my driving record credibility (yes, the police can be nasty and give you a ticket more than once the same problem, even if you have a ticket in your hand frrom the same week...speaking from experience!)

Does the 1994 Toyota Rav 4 Automatic have a timing belt or a chain?

1994 Rav 4 engine code 3S-FE Is belt driven.

Is the Toyota rav 4 1998 an interference engine?

the 2.0 L 4 cylinder is not an interference engine

Cambelt failure rav 4 inpact engine or not?

my Toyota rav engine has cut out i have a feeling it could be the cam belt the vehicle is a 1998 with a 2litre engine installed. Please can you confirm if cambelt failure inpact on the engine or is it a matter of replacing the cambelt and re-timing the engine. Kindness Regards Graham Young