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Respect for Race andDiversity is about showing an understanding and appreciation of differences, regardless of Race, Religion, Colour, Sex, Status, Sexual Orientation, Nationality etc. It's about being fair and treating individuals according to their needs.

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Why is it important to respect diversity?

To respect diversity is important because it means that you respect everyone. You should make sure that you respect everyone so that you can get along with everyone.

How do you Define the term diversity?

recongising everyone as an individual. The concept of diversity compasses acceptance and respect for everyone.

Give you an example for Respect for race and diversity?

I have a Muslim friend and one day i called her for a breakfast at my house she kindly came over, however Muslim people do not eat bacon so i showed respect and did not serve bacon that day for breakfast.

Why is important to respect diversity in term of tolerance?

because we need to respect other culture and background.

Why is it important to respect diversity in terms of tolerance?

can you answer the question for me please

What it means to respect cultural diversity?

It refers to where one respect acknowledge the culture of every ethnic group

What is social diversity?

social diversity is the diverse factors surrounding our society such as race, culture, religion, age and disabilities.

An essay on unity in diversity?

When writing an essay on diversity, be sure to include things like any experience you may have in dealing with diversity, how you would like to see diversity evolve, and how diversity deals with more than just race.

What are the advantages of diversity in the classroom?

The advantages of diversity in the classroom are significant. Students will learn respect and compassion for people of different backgrounds and abilities.

What is the definition of social diversity?

social diversity is the diverse factors surrounding our society such as race, culture, religion, age and disabilities.

What is the Difference between Diversity and Multiculturalism?

Diversity is defined as the differences between people. Multiculturalism is deeper than diversity, by focusing on understanding, inclusiveness, respect and looking at the unequal power in society.

What does it mean by respect cultural diversity?

Cultural Diversity is a term referring to the differences between opposing cultures. Culture referrs to customs or traditions (inclusive of religion in my opinion) that are genuine to a certain area. So what about the respect of cultural diversity? Disrespecting cultural diversity is like a Christian insulting the Jewish holiday Honica. Although a Christian thinks differently (in terms of faith, belief and religion) as a Jewish individual, having a respect for cultural diversity would be not to deface their religion. Instead, accept your differences, follow yours, and let them follow theirs. Having a better respect for cultural diversity would make the world a better place. :D

How do you race in NASCAR?

Maturity, Respect and Patience.

What is the definition of diversity consciousness?

From my Student's point of view is to be aware and respect differences among others. Not limited only to their race, skin color, gender, social class, sexuality, age, mental capability, intellect etc.

Why is it important to support and respect the diversity of different cultures and values?

because all different culture have different background and values that we need to respect

What race is Matthew McNaughton from diversity?

Matthew, Jamie and Ian McNaughton (from Diversity) are mixed. They are half English and half Malaysian. and 100% sexy! :)

What are the legal and organisational requirements on equality diversity discrimination and rights when working with individuals key people and others to improve your practice?

US law requires larger employers to give no weight to race or sex in any employment decision. No law requires race diversity or sex diversity ratios. Employers must hire and promote race blind and sex blind. The results of that will NOT resemble the race or sex rations in the general population.

What is cultural homogeneity?

A culture without diversity in its race, religion and national origin.

What have you done to support diversity in your unit?

Diversity in a unit can be supported by hiring individuals of mixed descent. In addition, tolerance and respect for all people should be demonstrated by leaders.

What are the Walt Disney Company's values?

Openness, Respect, Courage, Honesty, Integrity, Diversity and Balance

What is equlity and diversity?

Equality is treating everyone the same irrespective of race, religion age etc. Diversity is treating everyone as an individial and respecting that everyone is different

How is diversity measured on college campuses?

Diversity on a college campus is measured by how many of each race there are on campus. From there, percentages are derived based on the findings and that is how it's done.

What does diversity of employment mean?

Diversity means only that a group is non-uniform on some specified factor. A workforce may be uniform or diverse in age, or skill, or educational attainment, or pay. A workforce uniform in one factor is easily diverse (non-uniform) in another factor. An all-Black workforce has zero racial diversity, but may have skill diversity, age diversity, tenure diversity, or intelligence diversity. When discussing workforces, it it usual to focus on the factors KNOWN to be relevant to work performance, like skill, experience, licensure, tenure and perhaps seniority. Since race and sex are known to be completely IRRELEVANT to work performance, the degree of workforce race and sex diversity are of no interest when discussing performance. No US labor law or EEO law mentions - much less requires - any degree of race or sex diversity.

What does diversity mean?

Diversity means differences. Such as, "People from different cultures live in my community, making it a diverse place to live." Diversity is the degree to which a GROUP (not a place) is non-uniform on a specified factor. An all-Black group has zero race diversity, but may have age diversity, or educational diversity. An elementary school student body lower age diversity than the general population, and the fourth grade has nearly zero age diversity (perhaps only one year either side of age 10), but the fourth grade has a high degree of sex diversity if it is half male. It is useless to discuss group or workforce diversity without specifying the FACTOR being measured: age, skill, pay, race, seniority. When people say, "we need more diversity!" the question must be "what kind and why does diversity on that factor matter?

What does workplace diversity mean?

Workplace diversity means that the global workplace should comply with equal opportunity employment. Hiring people regardless of race, gender or religion.