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The kitchen department of a hotel is responsible for making food for the hotel's guests. When customers order room service, the kitchen staff prepares the food to order, and delivers it to the person's room.

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Q: Responsibility of kitchen department in the hotel?
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What are the responsibility of the kitchen department in hotel?

The responsibility of the kitchen department in a hotel is to cook and provide meal for the guests. The kitchen department should ensure that all the food is safe for human consumption before serving.

What are the responsibility of Kitchen department in hotel Explain what are the positions available in this department.?

There are usually chefs, sous chefs, dishwashers and expediters. There are also kitchen managers. The kitchen department is responsible for catering and food prep and service if there is a restaurant.

Function of kitchen department in the hotel?

The kitchen department in the hotel is where meals are prepared for guests. The kitchen staff prepares food, serves food, and cleans the kitchen.

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What are the Responsibility of engineering department in a hotel?

maintain electrical dsitribution to the hotel

What is the function of kitchen department in a hotel?

kitchen is the only department of a hotel responsible for the production of different types of healthy, safe, tasty and nutritious dishes(food and beverages) for its guests.

Is a kitchen a operations department?

A kitchen can be part of the operations department of a restaurant or hotel. This phrase usually refers to the management behind the scenes, however. Each establishment is organized differently.

What does a hotel kitchen do?

A hotel kitchen is where the kitchen staff cooks meals for the hotel guests.

What does the food and beverage department assistant do in a hotel?

delivers the food from the kitchen to the customers; lays and clean the tables.

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