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The kitchen department of a hotel is responsible for making food for the hotel's guests. When customers order room service, the kitchen staff prepares the food to order, and delivers it to the person's room.

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What are the responsibility of the kitchen department in hotel?

The responsibility of the kitchen department in a hotel is to cook and provide meal for the guests. The kitchen department should ensure that all the food is safe for human consumption before serving.

What are the responsibility of Kitchen department in hotel Explain what are the positions available in this department.?

There are usually chefs, sous chefs, dishwashers and expediters. There are also kitchen managers. The kitchen department is responsible for catering and food prep and service if there is a restaurant.

Function of kitchen department in the hotel?

The kitchen department in the hotel is where meals are prepared for guests. The kitchen staff prepares food, serves food, and cleans the kitchen.

Who is the best department in hotel?


What are the Responsibility of engineering department in a hotel?

maintain electrical dsitribution to the hotel

What is the function of kitchen department in a hotel?

kitchen is the only department of a hotel responsible for the production of different types of healthy, safe, tasty and nutritious dishes(food and beverages) for its guests.

Is a kitchen a operations department?

A kitchen can be part of the operations department of a restaurant or hotel. This phrase usually refers to the management behind the scenes, however. Each establishment is organized differently.

What does a hotel kitchen do?

A hotel kitchen is where the kitchen staff cooks meals for the hotel guests.

What does the food and beverage department assistant do in a hotel?

delivers the food from the kitchen to the customers; lays and clean the tables.

What are the nine department of hotel?

what are the nine department of hotel?

What is the Definition of food production department in hotel?

The food and beverage is one of the integral part and important operational department in a hotel which is divided into food production and food and beverage service department. Food production or kitchen department is responsible for the actual preparation of food items where as the F & B service department is responsible for the systematic service of food from the hot or cold plates of kitchen to the customer’s tables as per their choices or order. The term kitchen is derived from the French word “Cuisine” which literally means Art of cooking or food preparation in the kitchen. But in the modern concept of catering the cuisine not only refers to Art of cooking foods in the kitchen, it also indicates the style of service offered to sere the food.

What is the the largest department of a hotel?

Banquet hall is the largest department of a hotel

Interrelationship between the various department in a hotel?

interrelationship between hotel department

What is a hotel housekeeping department mean?

"house keeping department of a hotel is responsible for the cleanliness and aesthetic upkeep of a hotel...!"

What is the definition of housekeeping in hotel housekeeping department?

The definition of housekeeping in a hotel is an operational department responsible for cleaning. Responsibilities of a hotel housekeeping department include cleanliness of the hotel including public areas.

8 basic department of hotel organization?

8 basic department of hotel organization

List of department in lage luxury hotel?

One department you will find in a large luxury hotel is a housekeeping department. Others departments include personnel department, operations department and maintenance department.

Functions of kitchen department?

without the kitchen department there will be no one who will cater the needs of the guests. Main example is the FOOD.

Which department has the responsibility for formulating an international tax policy?

The Treasury Department has the responsibility for formulating an international tax policy.

What other department in the hotel do food and beverage have interrelationships with?

all the department in a hotel are interrelated to each other.

What are the different parts of the Hotel?

front of the house- which includes the front office, bell persons, the front desk, valet service, butler, etc. it is the part of the hotel where employees directly deal or communicate with the guest. back of the house- includes the engineering and maintenance department, the kitchen, housekeeping department etc.

Function of a sales department in hotel?

The function of a sales department in a hotel is to attract or get business for the hotel. Sales managers often specialize in conventions, tours, or corporate accounts for the hotel.

Which of the following is not a responsibility of the Department of the Interior?

formulate and recommend economic and fiscal policies for the u.s. government

Two major department of hotel and their department needs?

maintenance and engineering department

Is printing money a responsibility of the local governments?

no. it is the responsibility of the Treasury Department