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well it depends i would go out for a week before make big move, and if she talks to her friends bout you and all that good stuff she prob wants to kiss ya but if you feel out of league trust me you need confidence to kiss a girl first time. AND REMEMBER 99 PERCENT OF THE TIME A GIRL WANTS YOU TO TAKE COMMAND so if she lingering around lean in and go for it its going to be scary but try if she resist lean in for a hug so it does not look akward try

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Pain in right hand?

youve been using it too much

What is animal rise?

youve heard of zombies right ? well its were you bring animals back to live

What does target symbol stand for?

It stands for a target and it means: your here! youve come to the right place

When does Seedot evolve in Pokemon XD gale of darkness?

it should evolve right when you purify it if youve trained it

What is your proficiency level on MS Excel?

Its asking how good you are using this programme.When asked you should state the types of worksheets and calculations youve had to use especially the more complex

Why do you want to join in banking sector as you are chemistry graduate?

Simple question - Its assumed that youve a qualification that is not really in line with the job your applying for. Therefore a company will ask why youve applied for a industry that youve not based your learning on

What is the contraction for you have?

The contraction of you have is you've.

Youve liked a girl since 7th grade and you used to talk with her a lot now in eight grade you think she still likes you but she doesnt talk to you as much what should you do?

Find a way to start talking to her again in a relaxed way. If you were able to tell she liked you in 7th grade, you'll be able to tell if she still feels that way now.

Can a doctor tell if youve been fingered?


What do you do after youve caught Giratina?

go to rowan's lab

What does Youve hung yourself out to dry mean?

Hanging yourself out to dry means that you have mishandled a situation so that you are left "hanging" without a way to make the situation right.

How do you get a girl in 6th garde and is in the same 6th grade class as me and you aready screwed up and she hates you and you tried everything?

Trust me you have not tried everything i would try to apologize to her face to face for everything youve done and ask for forgivness if she says no and keeps hatung u then tell her your sorry she feels that way and you wish you could make it up to her and walk away and let her think about what youve just said

How can we upload our video on youtube?

Make an account then sign in and in the top right and corner there will be a button that says upload click that select your video and youve just put up a video.

Can you figure out a list of minecraft seeds youve used?

No sorry.

Who sings these lyrics Youve got to trust your instincts and let go of regret Youve got to bet on yourself now start because that's your best bet?


Is poo good to eat for humans?

this is rachan222, ive did some research on this and im happy that youve asked this, im a curious george one way on this. i think it is a privilage to eat poo and its really healthy, especially with sweetcorn in it, try it please!

How do you get people to stop touching your hair?

tell them youve got knits

How have humans impact great white sharks?

youve been trolled

What is the Hunger Games mainly about?

a game where youve got to try and get hungry

How do you get your badly matted and tangled hair straightened?

Youve Got To Use

When your on your cycle and your blood looks orange?

then youve got things wrong with you

What is the newest device you've got?

My Ipad

Is 69 minutes 1hour and 9 seconds?

Youve got to be kidding me.

Which guy should you pick if one really likes you but youve dated him and you dont like him and the other guy youve been friends with since you were born but you really like him and barly talk to him?

Go for the guy you like!

Can you date in 4th grade?

Not really... Although its your choice u honestly shouldnt date until youve really truly passes the age of 15. To actually go on a date is a far fetched idea and it wont lead to anything other then her stealing your crackers.