Rise and set times for Venus's?

Venus rises and sets ad different times every day and different from each place. One of the easy ways to get this info is to download and install the Stellarium program (free, and open source) from www.stellarium.org.

Tomorrow, December 30, 2008, from Sacramento, CA, Venus rises at 10:13 AM and sets at 8:25 PM.

IMMEDIATELY AFTER SUNSET! Go out and look just to the south of where the Sun has set. If your eyes are good, you may be able to see Jupiter and Mercury, right next to each other. Look up and to the south a little; you probably won't be able to see the very dim Neptune, just below the very bright Venus. Then comes the crescent Moon. Above and to the south, in almost a straight line, you will not be able to see Uranus without a telescope, but it will be there.

Update for 4/09/12 from New York, New York.

Venus is an evening planet. Today, it sets at 10:55pm EDT. Tomorrow, it rises at 8:15am EDT, and probably won't be visible due to the glare from the Sun.