Rise of the republican party

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The Republican Party is a political party in Guam affiliated with the United States Republican Party. At the gubernatorial elections of the fifth of November 2002, its candidate Felix Camacho won 55.2% of popular vote and became governor. ...

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Q: Rise of the republican party
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What gave rise to the Republican Party in the 1850s?

Political parties were trying to please voters from different classes and different regions of the country. The Republican Party was formed in response to national events.

In the election of 1848 the major parties were forced to take a stand on slavery because of .?

the republican party.

This party later became the Republican Party?

The Democratic-Republican Party was better known as the Republican Party. The later Republican Party was named to pay homage to this party.

What does the Republican Party stand for?

what does the republican party stand for

The Democratic Republican Party evolved into which modern-day party?

The Democratic Republican Party didn't actually evolve into a modern day party. The original party was often referred to as just the Republican Party. The modern day Republican Party was named as an homage to the original Republican Party.

What parties did the Democratic-Republican Party split into?

The Jeffersonian Democratic-Republican Party split into the National Republican Party and the Democratic Party around 1824.

What president started the the democratic Republican Party with thomas Jefferson?

James Madison and Thomas Jefferson started the Democratic-Republican party (but they just called it the Republican party). They created the Republican party to oppose the Federalist party. The Republican party that they created was the second political party in the United States.

Define what is a republican?

A republican is a member of the Republican Party.

What was Abraham Lincoln's political position?

Republican Party Republican Party

How did Roosevelt hurt the Republican Party?

How did Roosevelt hurt the Republican Party?

What was the Republican Party platform in 2008?

what was the republican party platform in 2004

Who was first President from the Republican party?

Abraham Lincoln was the second Republican Party Presidential Nominee and the first Republican Party President.

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