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Risks of motorcross?

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Motocross is a dangerous sport but you can minimize your risks by wearing the proper safety equipment including a real neck brace, not just a rubber donut. Also, you must be physically fit and in good practice before really competing in an organized event. I have raced since 1975 and have broken many bones and have herniated discs in my lower back. I have two areas of metal bracing in my body but I still compete as often as possible.

Most of my injuries came from not having enough impulse control and riding above my abilities or just dumb luck like having someone land on my back on the landing of a jump. I am glad my sons don't race as it would make me nervous to watch them but I dont worry about myself in that way.

For me the risks are worth what I get out of the competition, staying fit at 53 years old, keeping the mechanical aspect in control and enjoying the comraderie of the other old bucks chasing the dragon.

with free style motocross being more main stream, no one thinks MX is extreme anymore.

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How do you become a real motorcross rider?

Skill, Strength, No Fear, be able to take risks and Endurance . (Sean does not have any of these!!!).

Where is motorcross done?

Motorcross is competed in, all around the world, at various motorcross tracks

What is the Difference between Motocross and motorcross?

The difference between the two is motorcross is spelled wrong! Not aware of of motorcross.

Where is motorcross played?

Well, you don't 'play' motorcross! You ride it, and you do this at any outdoor or indoor tracks.

In which countries is motorcross popular?

Motorcross is popular EVERYWHERE but mostly i would say America and the UK

Are footballers fitter than motorcross riders?

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When was Motorcross invented?

In the 1800s

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Who gets more money footballers or motorcross men?

well it depends on who but football players at an average do make more $ than motorcross bikers.

Why was motorcross invented?

out of boredom, something different to do.

What are the dangers in Motorcross?

falling down and death

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How Fast Can A Motorcross Bike Go?

about 70mph

Do you still Ride Motorcross?

No, but thanks for asking.

What do motorcross riders do?

ride dirtbikes?! lmfaoo.

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How many motorcross racers turn pro motorcross racers?

Very few. You have to be a top competitor. usually with multiple titles and a loretta lyyns victory

How do you get in motorcross?

You do not have to 'get it' or 'sign up' for motorcross. This is something you do on your own, you just train on your own, and of course you have to have a bike and gear, but you just go to the race and register. That's about it. lol

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Can you get started in motorcross?

Yes, there are plenty of ways to get started.

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it can be hard when you start off but you will get used to it

How can you contact James Stewart of motorcross fame?

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