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replace the cylinder gasket and check for cracks and replace the head gaskets

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Q: Rm 125 has had rebore and piston kit put in has no compresion?
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How much does it cost to repair a cracked piston?

it would be better to buy a piston kit. It wouldn't be a good idea to try to fix a cracked piston.

How does a stroker kit help an engine?

A stroker kit is used to increase the travel distance of a piston in an engine. The advantage of this is that the torque produced by the engine and the overall horsepower will increase. The disadvantage of this kit is that wear on the piston will increase and the engine will not perform as well at high rpms.

How do you fix a piston in a kawaski kx 80?

You can buy the rebuild kit on ebay ...just remove the head and the piston will still be on rod..remove clip and rod pin...and piston and rings will be in your hands

What is a big bore kit?

it is a kit that bores the piston to a larger cubic-centimeter (cc) size to increase power tremendously. it requires new pistons, rings, and gaskets.

Cost of a nitrogen air gun?

If you are asking about a Nitro conversion kit. (Piston) it cost about $110 for the kit. If you purchase it already in the rifle it adds around $50 to the cost

How do you fix excessive oil blow by?

put in new piston rings or rebuild kit for the entire motor

What size pistons would be best in a Ford Falcon for horsepower?

Hi, only one size of pistons will fit - need to match the bore diameter - unless you want to rebore the engine to increase capacity. However, there may be a stroker kit available for your particular model.

What type of Motorcycle is better CR150 or the TTR 125?

yea the crf 150 is much better than the ttr 125 cause my ttr 125 keeps missing up sents i put the bbr 150 bore kit in it

How do you fix the accumulator piston seal?

As a rule, you'll need to purchase an appropriate re-seal kit for your accumulator. You will then need to disassemble your accumulator, clean everything and reassemble the accumulator with the new seals that came in your kit.

Does anybody other than Midwest industries make a quad rail that is compatible with an osprey defense piston kit?

I believe BCM does.

How to Rebuild rear brakes?

There is a seal kit that includes an o-ring and the boot. The piston needs to be spun out, similar to how you spin it in to retract it.

Why would brakes lock up on 2001 Triton ute?

Front caliper piston seals are gone can get kit for 35 bucks

What's the largest big bore kit for a yz250f?

.80 over is probably the biggest you could go and not break the bank. .80 big bore stroker kit with high compression wiseco piston would give you the power you are looking for

Where can you get a piston kit to rebuild a 1994 Toyota 4x4 22R? would be my first recommendation. A local autopart store falls next.

How do you rebuild the brake caliper on your 1997 Plymouth Neon?

Its really simple, All you do is take compressed air and pop out the piston after taking the hose off. when the piston is out you take the inner seal out and give the caliper a good wash, After that get a new dust seal kit and possibly a new piston its really simple to reinstall everything and you good as new. Use a rag or a block of wood when taking the piston out since it will shatter if its not metal from the compressed air.

Your two stroke Honda wont start what could the possibites be?

try to go after your coil first . I reacently had trouble with my 1997 cr 125 and it would not start because had blown it using different types of oil at the same time . Now I have to pull it off with an ATV for about an hour to get it started . I have $300 coming out of my wallet tobore the cylinder , replace piston rings , and getting a gasket kit for it .

Can you put a light on a 2001 125 rm?

You can put a Baja Designs headlight kit on it but it will require a stator to power the light first.

Can you put ttr 125 carburetor on blaster 250?

First, a Blaster is a 200. As for the carb fitting, though it may, I'd highly recommend that you find an alternative. That particular carb is restrictive for the 125 4 stroke; it would wreak havoc on the Blaster's powerband. You would see a substantial loss in power. Any carburetor 26mm or lrger would be fine with the Blaster, but make sure you jet it correctly. This doesn't mean to buy a stage 3 jet kit and put it in and ride, unless you want to melt your piston.

How to make overhaul isuzu 4hf1 engine?

FIT FOR ISUZU NPR NKR 4HF1 OVERHAUL REBUILD KIT 4.3L. New Overhaul Piston Liner Kit (4 Cylinder) for 99-04 ISUZU NPR 4.8L 4HE1-TC. 4HF1 overhaul rebuild kit for Isuzu engine NKR NPR 4.3L WPN400 NKR66 Truck parts

Will a DRZ 110 body kit fit a DRZ 125?

My guess is probably not, just because of size. No expert though, try Yahoo maybe.

How do you rebuild a cr500 motor?

Two stroke engines are very easy to rebuild. The transmission component is not. The typical rebuild of a two stroke engine consists of removing the cylinder and replacing parts on the piston assembly. Before you order any parts, inspect the cylinder wall for wear and marking. If the cylinder is damaged you will need to get it machined and then order an oversized piston and ring to go with it. If its not damaged, order a standard (or performace) top end rebuild kit wich comes with a piston, piston ring, piston pin, piston pin bearing, and gaskets. So, for your standard rebuild of the top end you would remove one of the snap rings on either side of the piston pin. This will allow you to push the piston pin out from the opposite side. Once the pin is out the piston will come off the connecting rod. Take note of the piston orientation for assembly. The piston pin bearing will now be accessable (you will find on the connecting rod where the piston pin attached the piston). Minor assembly of the piston prior to installation makes it a bit easier to assemble. Place the piston ring on the piston and align the gap with the small pin you will see in the ring groove (turn the piston ring until it falls into place). Install 1 of the snap rings in the piston where the piston pin slides through it. The piston is now prepped for installation. Place the new piston pin bearing in the connecting rod with some assembly grease to hold it. Place the new piston onto the connecting rod so the hole in the piston matches the hole on the connecting rod. Slide the piston pin through the piston, connecting rod, and into the other side of the piston until it contacts the snap ring you installed earlier. Install the last snap ring into the piston to hold the pin in place, cover the outsides of the piston in assembly grease and lower the cylinder onto the piston. If you don't have a piston ring compressor you can hold the piston ring tight to the piston with your fingers. If you encounter any resistance when your putting on the cylinder you can LIGHTLY press the piston ring into the piston with a small slot-head screwdriver. Once that is together you should look up the torque specs for your make/model or if your not that picky just tighten them up at your discretion. If your looking to do anything on the bottom end of the motor or in the transmission I would HIGHLY recommend getting it done at a shop. Unless you know what you are doing you will have a puzzle of gears and springs to put back together.

What is stroking on a harley?

Stroking a Harley is the way to modify your Harley to get more torque. It involves machining the crankcase and installing a "stroker" kit that increases the usable stroke of the piston and rod assembly.

How can you make a cr 125 2007 plastic kit fit in a 2000 cr 125?

There is a few modifications you have to make. You have to buy a 2002+ fule tank and air box. The best thing is go to "" and do a search for this. There is a lot of threads dealing with this exact issue.

How do you turn rear cailper piston in on 1994 Cadillac Seville?

You need a special tool kit for the rear calipers not only for cadillacs with rear disc brakes, but for most vehicles with rear disc brakes. This tool turns the piston using the slots located on the piston. Note: when finished, be sure one of the slots on the caliper piston aligns with the bump on the back of the disc brake pad. Also double check that you haven't knocked off the electrical connector located in back of the rear wheel bearing as the "ABS" light will come on.

How fast can a 50cc Honda ruckus go?

any 50cc bike will go around 30mph, that's why you can ride them at aged 16 (in the UK. There are ways to increase the top speed. - Big bore kit, this comes with a piston and increases the speed (although it will raise the 50cc to what ever size you decide to buy - stroked crank, this makes the piston go back and forth further, but increases the wear on the piston.