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Role of information technology in education?


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importances of information technology in education


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The role of information technology is to disseminate information to a group of people with a lot of ease.

the role of information technology in national develo ment

AnswerRole of information communication technology in Indian economic growth?AnswerRole of information communication technology in Indian economic growth?

Education is not the problem, technology standards are the issue

There are different components which make up the curriculum for technology and livelihood education. Some of the important one includes, home technology, information technology and communication education,business technology and industrial education.

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1. What role does information technology play in unethical business practices?

The motto of Daffodil Institute of Information Technology is 'Bring international Education to You'.

Information Sciences and Technology

The role of information technology in various fields is to create easier tools that will simplify complex tasks. It also helps in easier dissemination of information.

The role of information technology in our daily life is to make our life easier. Information technology makes our lives so much more easier. For example, we can now search on the internet on our phones.

Information technology allows the systematic approach of sources in research methodology

Technology and livelihood education is taught in secondary schools in the Philippines. The branches of technology and livelihood education are home economics, agri-fishery arts, industrial arts, and information and communication technology.

You can research information that you don't know and gain education from doing that.

The role of information technology in environment is to facilitate research and communication. It can also be used in terms of creating awareness on the need to preserve the environment.

information and communication technology

IT is short for information technology and is a field of education.

The 4 basic components of Technology And Livelihood Esucation is:Home TechnologyInformation and Communications TechnologyBusiness TechnologyIndustrial TechnologyThis is based on 2010 Secondary Education Curriculum (SEC)

information technology means you are taking information with other people . communication technology means you talk to other people giving and taking informaition....

the difference is that technology in education you are learning about technology but in technology of education, it's the technology you'll need for your education . u got me?

Yes i wish to have strong mathematics skills to get education in information technology.

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