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the white house has 187 rooms

There is a total of 132 rooms in the White House

there are 347 rooms in the white house

There are 131 rooms in the white house, excluding the presidents room.

Some rooms in the White House are named after colors because that is the color with which they are decorated.

White House Trivia. There are 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, and 6 levels in the Residence.

Yes, there are many secret rooms in the White House.

The famous white house rooms are the blue room . The green room .The red room.The state dining room.

Their are important rooms in the white house like the blue room the dinning room the oval room their are some rooms that are so important that even the kids in the white house can't go in them and finally their is the oval room that room is where the president is most of his day. And that concludes my information about rooms in the white house.

There are six levels with 132 rooms in the White House. There are no secret rooms. There are 35 bathrooms, 412 doors, 147 windows, 28 fireplaces, 8 staircases, and 3 elevators.

The clues in the name Buckingham PALACE. The white HOUSE. Buckingham palace has 775 rooms. The white house has 132 rooms. Buckingham palace sits on 42 acres of land The white house sits on 18 acres of land.

There are 3 colored rooms. The red, blue, and green.

The White house has 132 rooms total, 35 bathrooms, and 3 elevators.

This is a statement not a question. If you are asking about Christmas at the White House the web site that the White House has shows the rooms at Christmas.

The White House has 132 rooms. Of these 32 are bathrooms. The House has six levels. At one time the name for the White House was "President's Palace."

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The White House is the house located in Washington, D.C. where the President of the United States lives. There are four rooms that are open to the public in the house; the Red room, Blue room, Green room and the East room.

There are 11 bedrooms in the White House. The White house also has 132 rooms total, 35 bathrooms, and 3 elevators.

Lincoln BedroomEast RoomSituation roomYellow roomRed RoomQueen RoomSorry, this isn't all of the rooms in the White House.

The exterior of the White House is covered in 300 gallons of paint. There are 135 rooms in the White House. There is 55,000 square feet of space in the White House. The first president to occupy the White House was John Adams in 1800.

132 rooms and 35 bathrooms

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