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Only around 46% And this was considered high for a general election. high at least, for these last couple general ellections. To get a more accurate figure, query election web pages or encyclopedias.

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64%- I googled it.

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Q: Roughly what percentage of citizens in the US voted in the 2012 general election?
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When citizens cast votes in November they are participating in?

General Election

In a UK general election what percentage of the vote do you need to avoid losing your deposit?


What is voting citizens?

Voting citizens are the electorate of a country. For instance, I am a voting citizen in the UK, because I am on the electorate role and entitled to vote in any General Election.

How do senaters get elected?

There are approximately 100 senators in the United States senate. They are elected by a general election held by the citizens.

Are Irish nationals allowed to vote in general elections of Great Britain?

Yes, Irish citizens living in the UK have exactly the same rights to vote and stand for election as British citizens.

When is the General election in 2013?

in America,the next general election is 2014

What percentage of women voted in the 2010 UK general election?

According to Ipsos-MORI, female voter turnout at the 2010 election was 64% - slightly below the 66% among men.

When did General Election Law happen?

General Election Law happened in 1928.

How many gay people are in the workforce?

The same percentage as that of the general population -- roughly 1 to 10 percent, depending on exactly how you define"gay."

What election is an election held before the general election?

Before the general election is one or more primary elections, which narrows down a field of candidates.

What is the similarities between a general and local election?

Both local and general election use the FPTP voting system when there is an election. Another similarity is that both local and general election have to be nominated by 10 registered electors. Another similarity is that both local and general election is that all different types of voting are relevant to both general and local election.

This is an election in which party members select people to run in the general election-?

Direct primary is the election in which party members select people to run in the general election.