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In September 1939, before the 'annexing' of areas in eastern Europe, USSR population was 170.5 million (as per "The Oxford Companion to World War Two").

USSR losses - within *postwar* borders - are estimated at 26.6 million (as per Michael Ellman; Soviet Deaths in the Great Patriotic War; Europe Asia Studies, July 1994).

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How many Russian casualties were in world war 2?

24 million KIA

How many Russians were killed at the end of world war 2?

The estimated number of Russian casualties at the end of the Second World War was 23,400,000.

Why was World War 2 the deadlist war?

world war 2 was the deadliest war because there was more destruction,civilian casualties,and military casualties than any war.

What theater of operations had the most KIA in World War 2?

The Russian Front, sometimes called the "Eastern Front" had the most casualties.

What happened with Russian in World War 2?

what happened Germany and allies and Japaneses and Russian in world war 2

What war had more casualties the Vietnam War or World War 2?


How many casualties resulted from the World War 2 atomic bombs dropped on Japan?

See: Wikipedia World War II Casualties.

Army air corps casualties of World War 2?

who had th most battle casualties during the second world war, us.infantry

What were Casualties for Britain in World War 2?


How many casualties occurred during world war 2?

There was over 60 million casualties in world war II altogether, most of which were civilians.

What were the total estimated Allied casualties in World War 2?

The total allied casualties of world war two with civilians and military goes up to 39,963,700 compared to the axis casualties of 48,231,700.

How many casualties were in World War 2?

60 million

What were the United states casualties from world war 1?


What was the total amount of casualties in world war 2?


What nation had the most casualties in World War 2?


What was the number of casualties in anheim battle during World War 2?

the number of casualties in the battle of Berlin was..

How many fatalities did the US have during World War 2?

405,400 US casualties are recorded for World War 2

In which war were all casualties greater World War 1 World War 2 or US Civil War?

It DEFENITLY was world war 2 considering Hitler and all...

Number of Casualties for the allies in World War 2?

Allied Military Casualties: 14,276,800 Allied Civilian Casualties: 25,686,900 Allied Total Casualties: 39,963,700

Did American casualties in World War 2 exceed those of the civil war?

No. The American casualties in the Civil War totaled around 620,000, the casualties in WWII totaled around 150,000 (I'm not 100% sure about the WWII casualties.)

How many German soldiers die during world war 2? For a list of many country casualties

Why was World War 2 the worst war in the world?

It was the most deadliest war with over 62 to 78 million casualties.

How many people died World War 2?

An estimated 66,000,000 casualties have been determined resulted from World War 2.

How many casualties did France have in World War 2?

During World War 2 the total casualty lost by the French were about 570,000.

How many US civiliain casualties were there in World War 2?

1,700 US Civilians were killed during World War 2.

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