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Russian word for Caesar?


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The Russian word (transliterated into English) is "tsar" or "czar". Either spelling is accepted.


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It means to be a king in Russian and is derived from the Latin word Caesar (e.g. Julius Caesar). Peter the great was a czar.

tsar or czar Like "Kaiser" in German, the Russian "Tsar" or "Czar" is derived from CAESAR, meaning Emperor. After Octavian Caesar became Caesar Augustus, all the Roman Emperors were known as Caesar, and it became synonymous with Emperor. This I found, as well as the Russian word for King being "Korol' ", in a Wikipedia article about the word Tsar. It's quite comprehensive.

Царь = Translates as Monarch, King, etc.

Its originally a Bulgarian title but with the spread of the Cyrillic alphabet created by Clement of Ohrid (A Bulgarian) the title Tsar or Czar comes along with it

The term "czar" is a Russian equivalent of the Roman title "Caesar." The Germans adopted the title Caesar in the same way only they used the word "Kaiser."

I don't know what the title Augustus would be in Russian, but the title Tzar (Czar) comes directly from the name Caesar, as does Kaiser in Germany - everybody wanted to be as great as Caesar.

Czar also known by Caesar

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Yes, two of the main languages to use derivatives of the name Caesar were the Russian Czar and the German Kaiser.

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