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Check the vacuum supply from the engine. If it is disconnected or cracked the system will default to defrost only.

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2008-06-21 02:40:20
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Q: S10 Blazer Air conditioner is not working the switch on the dash that controls the system doesn't seem to do anything stuck on flowing air out the windshield defrost only?
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Why does your defrost run even when it is in cold position?

The defrost function simply directs air over the inside of you windshield. It's temperature is controlled by the temperature dial on your environmental controls.

Can't defrost my windshield?

The fastest way to defrost a windshield is to turn the defrost vent on without heat or simply open the windows. Another option is to warm the inside of the car by turning the heater on.

Why does a Chevy truck air conditioner stay on?

It only stays on when the air flow is turned to defrost. It does this because the air condition has a dryer on it that dries the air which defrosts the windshield better.

When i turn on the defrost no air seems to go the windshield?

no heat to front window went defrost is on

Where is your defrost vent located?

on the dash below the windshield.

Can air conditioner be bypassed on 2001 Taurus without affecting heat or defrost?

yes, however, if the ac does not work then you will be unable to blow cold air on a hot steamy windshield to defog it.

AC fan is blowing cold air out of windshield defrost when not on defrost?

does fan door motorized or on a vaccuum line when you switch from AC to defrost?

Why is your air conditioner only coming out of the defrost in the car?

It have battery

Can you defrost and refreeze ribs?

You can't defrost then refreeze anything :)

Why would the ac on a 2000 Chevrolet Malibu to blow on your feet no matter how you set the controls except for defrost then it blows on the windshield?

You most likely have a bad vacuum hose in the engine compartment or a bad control switch.

Should ac compressor stay on when heater control moved to defrost in a 2000 durango?

Yes, the ac will run in the defrost position to dry the windshield.

The fastest way to clear moisture from your windshield is by using what?

Start driving with your air conditioning on defrost, the AC will defog the windshield but you need to be moving.

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