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The door lock module/solenoid in the driver's door is bad. You will need to remove the door panel to get to it. Make sure you have a fresh battery in your keyfob just to make sure it isn't sending a strong enough signal to the locking mechanism but enough to trigger the interior light.

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I have a 2007 Mercedes and i am trying to set the gargage door opener remote. Manual states press the smart button on the over head opener. i cannot locate that button.?

I have a 2007 Mercedes and i am trying to set the garage door opener remote. Manual states press the smart button on the over head opener. i cannot locate that button.?

After you change the batteries in the key remote for a Mercedes ML 320 do you have the remote reset for it to work?

Why does car start but park lights don't flash when pressing the remote on remote car starter?

check if your lights are still on that drained the battery

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how to reset remote key fob for Mercedes SL 320

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What battery does 1996 Mercedes E320 does remote entry use?


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pansonic 2012

Is there a battery in the remote key for a C230 Mercedes?

Yes. They use watch batteries.

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How do I unlock the trunk lid of a 1997 Mercedes S320 with the key when the remote key does not work?


How do you change battery in keyless remote 1999 E320 mercedes?

The battery in the keyless remote of a 1999 Mercedes E320 is changed by prying off the back cover and lifting the battery out. The battery will typically last 2 years or more under normal use.

What replacement keyless remote will work for a 1996 Mercedes Benz E230?

Go to this website and you can buy an original factory remote at a better price than dealership.

How do you unlock a Mercedes car door that has no key and the battery on the remote is dead?

Replace the battery on your remote key. If you get the dealer to do it for you it is notoriously expensive. Did you try unlocking the passenger side with the key?

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