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Sackley or Dyer family?


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I don't know if there is a connection with Margaret Dyer and a Charles Volney Dyer but this may perhaps be of some interest to you.

There was a Dr. Charles Volney Dyer of Chicago, who was a noted abolitionist who had recently come from upstate New York circa 1836. See The History of Geneva, Illinois, at:

Also, there is a well known street in Chicago called Halsted Street which was originally called First Street, then Dyer Street, after an "abolitionist who helped thousands of slaves along the underground railway."

My father Ed Sackley has done a lot of research on the Sackley Family. John Sackley was my great great grandfather. Please let me know if you are interested in any information. Any information on Margaret Dyer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike Sackley


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