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Sacred text for Jehovahs witness?



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The sacred text for Jehovah's Witnesses is called the New World Translation (NWT) of the Bible. It presents the Greek and Hebrew scriptures from their perspective and so most apart from Jehovah's Witnesses do not regard it as a translation.


The sacred text that Jehovah's Witnesses use is the Holy Bible. The above answerer is referring to one translation of the Bible, as there are many translations. We do prefer the NWT primarily for study purposes, as it is a modern language Bible that restores God's name Jehovah to it's rightful places in the scriptures. In the oldest manuscripts and scolls that are still in existence today, that name is found over 7000 times, more than any other name, but most translations have removed the name of God, either partialy or entirely from their translations.

We also make use of other translations such as the King James, Bible in Living English, American Standard Version, etc. Referencing other translations often gives a more complete understanding to a particular Bible passage. For example, 1 Corinthians 10:25, in the Origional King James Version speaks of "whatever is sold in the shambles." If a person did not reference other translations, he may not realize that a "shambles" in old English referred to a meat market. Therefore, he would never get the full sence of what was being said.

When studying with individuals who are not Jehovah's Witnesses, we use whatever translation they prefer. For this reason, Jehovah's Witnesses who want to be effective teachers of the Bible need to be very familiar with all different translations of the Bible. In my personal collection, I have several translations, including a Greek interlinear.

Jehovah's Witnesses take our Bible study very seriously, in fact we view it as our lifeline. The Bible is our sacred text.