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Saint-Saens hymn tune from third symphony?


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To me it sounded a bit like "To Be A Pilgrim" - John Bunyan's hymn. But that music was written by Vaughan Williams, based on an English folk song. Could the French by poaching English folk songs as well? :-)) * In fact, the organ melody from Saint Saens' 3rd Symphony is not a hymn tune, though Saint-Saens may well have taken a phrase here or there from well-known hymns, and reworked it to make it completely original. The melody was popularised in 1977 as the song "If I Had Words" by Yvonne Keeley and Scott Fitzgerald. The film clip was set in a church, complete with congregation waving their arms, so it may have given the impression it was based on a hymn tune. The only connection to hymns was the use of an organ.

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