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Discovery Channel's "Planet Earth" was filmed over three years and used a variety of videographers for produce the show. The average salary for those working on "Planet Earth" was $50,000.

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When did nicolaus Copernicus discover Jupiter was a planet?

Copernicus dis not discover that Jupiter was a planet. It was always known to be a planet, though for the longest time we did not know what a planet was.

Did Galileo Galilei discover planet Mercury?

The Italian physicist Galileo Galilei did not discover the planet Mercury. The planet Mercury was observed by Babylonians, ancient Greeks, and the Romans.

What are some educational channels on television?

Discovery Channel and Animal Planet are good examples of educational channels.

When did planet Mars discover?

Planet Mars has never discovered anything!

What planet did Clyde tombaugh discover?

Pluto, which is now classified as a dwarf planet.

How did she discover the planet biyo?

Dr. Josette Biyo didn't discover it, it was named in her honour.

What planet did Johann gottfried discover?


What did William Herschel discover?

The planet Uranus .

Which planet did Wiliam Hershel discover?


Did astronomers discover a new planet?


Why would it be hard to discover a planet thay is closer to the sun than Mercury?

Why would it be hard to discover a planet that is closer to the sun than mercury

What planet did William Herschel discover first?

William Herschel was the discoverer of the planet Uranus.

How did Galileo discover the planet Venus's?

Galileo Galilei did not discover venus. He dicovered the phases of venus.

What is a good sentence with the word discover?

I want to discover a previously unknown planet with my new telescope.

Who was the first man who discover planet mercury?

the babylonians

What was the team to discover the planet mercury?

you cant breath on it

What planet did Newton discover?

Sir Isaac Newton discovered the planet Neptune. Sir Isaac Newton also discovered the theory of gravity and used this to discover Neptune.

How did scientists discover Jupiter?

Scientists did not discover the planet Jupiter. The planet is and always has been visible to the naked eye and has therefore been know to everyone since ancient times.

On Dish Network what channel is Animal Planet on?

You will be able to find Animal Planet in standard definition on channels 184, 887, or 5026 and in HD on one of the following channels, 4184, 4900, 5026, 5332, 5520, or 9489.

Who discover the earth as the planet?

Galileo Galilei did - He proved that the planets orbit the Sun, and that Earth is a planet, too.

When did Alexander William harris discover the planet Mercury?


Who discover the tenght planet?

DISCOVERED BY: kent,raffy & kenneth...

When did sir Andrew Phillips discover planet mercury?


Where did Galileo discover Jupiter's moon?

He discovered them orbiting the Planet.

Who has tried discover Pluto?

question: who has tried to discover Pluto Percival Lowell was the one who finally discovered the: dwarf planet; AKA Pluto; AKA planet x. But finally the discovery was made