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Sample farewell speech for graduate students?


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Graduation FarewellBy Jennie Kakkad

For all those who have maneuvered through school and college, there is one day that we all have to face - graduation day. A day where you breathe freedom yet shed tears for leaving behind the place where you transformed from a boy to a man or from girl to a lady.

Graduation day is filled with multi-emotions, you feel elated yet dejected. Happy yet sad. As this will be among the last days you will share with your friends and professors. The feeling seeps in later as the day concludes and you wish it never ends. Another happy effect of graduation day is because of our teachers who cajole and pamper us unlike their routine days. Smiles spread on every face, they tell us so lovingly that they had a great time even though it's not completely true. And then we realize that they are so flexible and lovable.

There are also times on your graduation day when various your not so good friends come up to you and apologize for their behaviour. You are taken aback and fall short of words. They hug you and you hug them, a generous gesture to forgive and forget and also communicates that you are and will be a great friend. So you see friends and not so good friends hugging one another. Everything is possible on graduation day.

And then comes the climax. The entire time you just hung around with your friends, now you have to step up the podium in a place designated to you. Short ones in front and the tall behind. Once everyone is adjusted you set your smile and then flashbulbs go blink blink, you throw your mortarboard in the air and the flashbulbs blink more.

But there are the speeches to attend to before all the merriment begins. Every word is thoroughly checked before it goes on air. The first speech is usually done by the valedictorian who elaborates the adventures of a student and the highs and lows of it. Sometimes there is another speech given by an ex-student or an outsider who elucidates life outside the institution and how one should gear up for it. Advice, wisdom, encouragement is spelled out to motivate the graduating students. So they feel proud of themselves and are ready to work up the ladder.

If you are privileged to give the student speech, do not shudder. Trust yourself. Take your professors help to jot down all the points you have to cover. You are not the one giving advice, so stick to the format. If you are an ex-student or a guest and are asked to give the speech then think of all the points you will give your son or daughter when they on the threshold of working life. Even though there is a world of information to give, do not get boring with your speech. Make it exciting with examples and real life situations so the students are hooked to every word.

A beautiful day comes to an end with hugs once again and promises to keep in touch. Wishes for a good life and luck flies in every corner while tear eyed students part filled with happy memories.