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Can civil papers be served on Saturday in TN?

The papers can be served on Saturday if a server will serve the papers.

Will there be papers on Easter Sunday or monday?

Don't know

Can a wife accept service of civil papers for her husband in State of Missouri?

When a person is served civil papers they need to be the one that signs for them. A wife cannot accept the papers for their husband.

If you remarry your ex-husband are divorce papers void?

No, divorce papers are NOT void

How do you cofront a cheating husband?

With divorce papers.

Can you get your down payment back on a car even if ive have not signed any papers?

A person should be able to get a down payment back on a car if papers have not yet been signed. Only after the papers have been singed is the purchase official.

What should you do if your husband is working on illegal papers?

Find out how he can get/apply for legal papers and obtain them as soon as possible.

Can you apply for credit when married without submitting information on your husband?

i am a director from a construction company not a share holder, now the ceo wants us to apply loan or credit from the bank,now he came to me with papers for assessment of payment ability,will i not be in trouble if i sign those papers, please help/

Can your ex husband ask you to not date anyone in divorce papers?


What is a relationship that suits both parties?

husband and wife, husband filing and wife has signed thedivorce papers served on her.

Will you still get maintenance when ex husband retires?

No, not unless it is in the divorce papers.

Can your husband have papers notarized without you being present?

Not if your signature is required

Can I sign divorce papers with a power of attorney?

I have a durable power of attorney for my husband, can I sign his name to divorce papers so I can get a divorce from him?

Can a husband serve divorce papers to wife if still living together?


Where is the embassy in the US?

where do I send papers in america to bring my husband to america from kosovo..

Can you sign papers to have husband put in program?

i ment a drug treatment place

Husband lives in Trinidad having trouble reaching to serve papers how do I get a divorce?

If your husband is now living in Trinidad and you are facing a lot of problems to reach him You could do one thing get it, that is the divorce papers through the embassy over there.

Are there newspapers on Easter Monday?

Are there newspapers on Easter Monday in uk?

Wife abandon husband?

Many wives have abandoned husbands over the years. An attorney can file divorce papers and the husband will be granted a divorce.

Can you file for immigration papers if a husband has died and is citizen?

You need to consult an immigration lawyer but normally when the husband died in this case the process is terminated.

Im 21 got married 3yrs ago husband is illegal can fix his papers?


Can your wife divorce you if you are in jail and does the husband have to be served divorce papers?

They'll serve you in jail

If you live in Missouri can you get a divorce from your husband in South Carolina?

Yes, you can still get a divorce. You need to contact your husband so the correct papers can be signed from your lawyer.

How long does it take to draft a divorce decree in Texas if it is noncontestant and you have no kids or property together?

my future husband need to get rid of his wife for good but she wont sign the papers....... what do we do? my future husband need to get rid of his wife for good but she wont sign the papers....... what do we do?

What should you do if your husband wont sign the divorce papers?

Attend all of your court dates. Whether your soon to be ex-husband signs the papers, or not, the Judge will grant you a divorce. It may take a few months longer, but his unwillingness to sign the papers will not prevent a divorce. Hang in there! Freedom will be yours, as long as you are determined and diligent. Good luck!