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Yes, Saturn has a magnetic field that is produced by electric currents.

I guess that also means it is going to be a real challenge for scientists to enter Saturn in the future.

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Does Saturn have a magnetic field?

yes, it has a magnetic field.

How is the day length determined on Saturn?

From changes in its magnetic field, assuming that the magnetic field rotates with the core.

Can Saturn move out of its rings?

no because of its magnetic field.

Which planets do have a magnetic field?

Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Earth all have magnetic fields. Mercury has a very weak magnetic field.

Does Mars have a Magnetic Field?

yes mars does alond with Saturn and uranus

What are the advantages on the planet Saturn?

its got a big magnetic Field and is the best

Is Jupiter's magnetic field much stronger than Earth's and has a magnetic tail that extends beyond the orbit of Saturn?


Which planet likely has flowing liquid metallic hydrogen as the source of its magnetic field?


Which planet has a magnetic field other than earth?

Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Which are the planets that contain magnetic field?

Not all the planets within our solar system have a magnetic field. Those that do include: Mercury, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

What planets have magnetic fields?

The planets known to have magnetic fields are Earth, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Venus does not have a magnetic field and it is unclear whether Mars has one.

Which planets have a magnetic force?

The planets within our solar system that have a magnetic field are: Earth, Jupiter, Mercury (though it is weak), Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus.

Can other planets besides the earth have a magnetosphere?

The magnetosphere is the region around a planet where the solar wind is significantly altered due to the magnetic field of the planet. Planets with a magnetic field arising from internal processes are said to have a global magnetic field. A Global magnetic field will produce a magnetosphere. Six of the planets have global magnetic fields, and hence some magnetosphere; Mercury, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. Mars did have one, but when the core froze, that ended the geodynamo. Venus, the near twin of Earth, does not have a geomagnetic field and that is quite perplexing. It too lacks a geodynamo and no one knows why. There are remnant magnetic fields for Mars and Venus, but they are too small to have any significant effect on the solar wind. Jupiter and Saturn have huge magnetic fields and there are only general theories as to what causes them. Uranus has a middling magnetic field, more in the range of Earth's field. The moon has no significant field. We have no idea whether Pluto does or not, but it would be unlikely.

What is the magnetic field of Venus's?

Venus has no magnetic field.

Does Eris have a magnetic field?

no. Eris does not have a magnetic field

How do you find the shape of a magnetic field using a compass?

The compass needle will align with the magnetic field. However, if the magnetic field is weak, the magnetic field of the Earth will be stronger, and the magnetic needle will point North.

What is the neutral point of the magnetic field?

In a combined magnetic field, a neutral point is a place where the magnetic field is zero

Can things hover in a magnetic field?

Things that are affected by a magnetic field, such as iron and steel can hover in a magnetic field.

What is a magnetic field will be produced at some point in space if the electric field at the point?

As far as the electric field is stationary then no magnetic field. But when electric field is moving at a uniform speed then a magnetic field will be produced. This is what we call Lorentz magnetic field.

What is a magnetic field made up of?

Magnetic field is made up of magnetic lines.

What is the force around a magnet?

magnetic field magnetic field

Does Ceres have a magnetic field?

No, Ceres does not have a magnetic field around it.

Where is a magnetic field strongest?

A magnetic field is strongest at the poles.

Use magnetic field in a sentence?

Magnetic compasses will become unuseful when near a magnetic field.

What is magnetic field?

A magnetic field is the area around the magnet in which particles are attracted by magnetic force.

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