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The Springfield 187j was made by Savage and is the same as the 87.

They were produced before manufacturers were required to put a sn on every firearm made.

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I have just purchased a 187S Savage with Springfield scope( 4x ). I paid $65.00 for it.

The Savage springfield 840 is the later version of the Saveage 340. Midway USA has a #1 weaver mount for the 840. Under savage 340 they also offer a B-square mount with rings that has better reviews than the weaver mount.

Remington 30-06 Springfield scope.

If you want to mount the scope directly to the barrel grooves you will need a 926587Redfield 1" Tip-Off Ring Mount 3/8" Grooved Receiver Matte Medium These are available at make sure you get the correct size rings to mount to your scope usually 1" Dia. You may need the tip off ring to be higher to clear the barrel mounted sight and the safety. The one above worked just fine on my wife's Springfield 187N. There's not a lot of info. out there on mounts for the Springfield/Savage line

Considering that the Springfield 03 was used as a sniper rifle through WW2, Korea, and Viet Nam, it is safe to say that the Army figured out how to mount a scope. Watch the movie "Saving Private Ryan" for confirmation. Then visit the Brownell's web sie and see what they have for sale.

Springfield 87M was proposed by Savage Arms as a training rifle for the military which had adopted the M! 30-06 rifle however the govt did not accept this rifle and Savage ended up selling it to the civilian market. 300 rifles were built. They were expensive back in 1940 and did not sell so was discontinued as Springfield brand. Sears bought some under the Ranger brand. 2010 one sold at auction for $1000. In 2012 one sold at auction for $1200 ( both without the scope). Springfield brand was discontinued shortly after WW11 ( 1946-48). The action of the rifle is also known as Springfield 87A and sold to a wide variety of retailers who sold it under their own private labe.

I have Springfield .22 long rifle, 5 shot magzaine, 24 inch-barrel and I want to install side mount for a Weaver scope. Where can I buy one. Truly, Bart

This would be very difficult as the Springfield Model 15 .22 caliber rifle is already an antique. Try the Burris 3 - 9 x 40 scope and hopefully there will be enough room for the holes to mount.

The marines issued a 7.8x Unertl scope. The army the 2.5x m84

1. He most likely has passed on by this time, since those devices were invented and used nearly 70 years ago. 2. Springfield rifle? The US manfacturing plant entitled the "Springfield Armoury" closed down in 1968. The most famous Springfield rifles; when discussed by people, are the model 1873 and model 1903. Those two rifles are called "Springfield Rifles." In this 21st century, the '73 model has nearly disappeared from the vocabulary of people, but the model 1903 Springfield is known by most gun folks. So, when you say "Springfield Rifle", most people are going to immediately think of the "Model 1903 Springfield Rifle" which was adapted by the US Army in 1903 (the cartridge was adapted in '06). 3. It is highly doubtful that someone would invent a night vision device for an '03 rifle. 4. Unless you're thinking about today's "Springfield Rifle Company"; those folks were established in about 1973 or so. They have absolutely nothing to do with the REAL US Government Springfield Rifles! They, like today's current "Henry Rifle Company" (started in about 1993) are simply (and legally) using those names as a MARKETING PLOY to gain business. Neither TODAY's Springfield or Henry Rifles are "REAL" Springfield or Henry Firearms. They just want your business; and might prefer that customers believe that they're the original and famous gunmakers (when they are not).

I just bought (Nov. 2006) an old Stevens/Springfield 22 semi auotmatic for $150. All metal parts have been refinished in nickel or chrome and gun came with a Weaver mount and a Tasco 4X scope. Hope this helps.

Yes I believe that the Savage model 110E and the regular model 110 will share the same scope Mounts.

I have a m1903. Had a B-Square aftermarket mount put on mine years ago. Made a great long range deer rifle.

i have a savage model510stricker chambered in 308 with a mounted scope what is it worth

Yes. U.S. used 1903 Springfield with Warner-Swasey scope. Germany used many scoped commercial rifles as well as military rifles.

what is the scope mount for savage 325 c

You will have to have a trained and competant gunsmith drill and tap your receiver for a set of rings and bases to mount a scope on your savage.

I have a savage 6400 30-30 with a side mount scope base. The scope was added for my 13th birthday 20 some years ago but Im sure you can still get it done.

Search for Savage 340 scope mount. The Revelation 225 was manufactured by Savage. Several online retailers offer different styles.

Hey i just picked up a 187N from a pawn shop here in NC, have not test fired yet but it has a refininshed stock, clean gun not much wear and tear around the chamber, i paid 60 buckaroonies for it, it also came with the original 4x springfield scope.

Assuming that your scope is a 3x9x40 scope,then medium height rings will do the job.If it is a 3x9x50mm scope,then you will need a set of high scope rings.

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