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Louis Pasteur discovered penicillin--hence, helps maintains a healthy society.

Nitrogen fixation is synthesized in factories, contributing to our ever increasing economic demands.

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What is the importance of splitting production process into different processes?

The importance of splitting production process into different processes is that it improves efficiency. The division of the processes will ensure that the relevant department will handle the area of production which it is skilled in.

What is the green chemistry in organic chemistry?

Green chemistry is the research and development of chemical processes and products that reduce the use or production of environmentally or biologically harmful chemicals.

What is syntactic processes?

production of noun phrases

What are the three physiological processes involved in urine production?

The three physiological processes involved in urine production include: Glomerular filtration, tubular reabsorption and secretion.

Different processes about biotechnology?

There are many different processes of biotechnology. A couple of them are fermentation (used in the production of beer and wine) and hybridization (production of offspring from plants or animals).

What is the scholarly definition of development?

change processes

How the three processes of planning implementing and evaluating are used in curriculum development?

1. how the three processes of planning, implementing and evaluating are used in curriculum development?

What processes is involve in the food production of plants?

photosynthesis s involved in food production of plants......

What is generic activity in software process?

Generic activities in all software processes are: • Specification - what the system should do and its development constraints. • Development - production of the software system. • Validation - checking that the software is what the customer wants. • Evolution - changing the software in response to changing demands.

Difference between operations research and operation management?

Operations research deals with the application of advanced analytical methods. Operations management involves managing and directing the processes of development, production, manufacturing.

Is cholesterol production is continious processes why you have to controle it?

yes yes

In what processes do plants use carbon dioxide?

Food production

What are the processes involved in urine production?

reabsorption, secretion, filtration

What are production records?

Production records are the collection of data regarding the inputs and processes used to create or grow a product.

What are Non-conventional machining processes?

Non-convential machining processes refers to traditional methods of mass production.

Which of these processes would you expect to be key in the production of yogurt?

Lactic fermentation.

What are examples of technology as processes?

Examples of technology as processes include power generation, gas production, quantum computing, and cloud computing.

How people processes and take-in information?

The answer to this would be cognitive development.

How is the ozone layer related to chemistry?

The production and decay of ozone are chemical processes.

How are most manufactured goods made today?

By highly automated production processes.

Which processes do NOT require DNA replication?

Dna transcription, the production of messenger Rna.

What sequence of processes occurs in the production of a clone plant?

Mitosis -> new plant

What does an automobile engineer do?

They work on the development of ground-based vehicles including passenger cars, commercial vehicles and off-highway vehicles. Such as designing new or revising, researching & developing, and planning and designing new production processes.

What effect did the Industrial Revolution have on the development of accounting?

The Industrial Revolution resulted in increased volume in all areas of the production process. Accounting processes had to become streamlined to keep up with the flow of raw materials and finished goods.

Examples of processes technology?

Process Technology is the ability to understand, operate, shut down, analyze and troubleshoot industrial processes. Examples include; petrochemical processes power generation oil and gas production food production metals, minerals and other processing and production computer applications mining and milling transportation and refining utilities operation wastewater treatment and facilities maintenance

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