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poriferans. They are great and interesting creatures. They do not move and they are invertebrates (no spinal chord).


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No, invertebrate is the term used to describe a animals that don't have spines. Vertebrates are animals with spines. Humans, fish and birds are all examples of vertebrates. The sea sponge is an example of an invertebrate. It has no backbone.

A sponge is an invertebrate, it has no backbone.

No The Sea sponge is a invertebrate

The scientific name for a Ping Pong Tree Sponge is Chondrocladia lampadiglobus.

they are invertibrates I mean they are including of a family of a invertibrates animals.

The scientific name, or Latin name, for a sea-anemone is anemonia sulcata. This invertebrate is commonly found in the protected parts of the tidal zone.

Some fish in the ocean are invertebrates. A sea sponge is an example of an invertebrate. We learned about invertebrates today in Science.

no they are a type of sea plant The several thousand species of sponges are invertebrate animals that make up the phylum Porifera.

The various species of jellyfish belong to the invertebrate order Cnidaria. An example is the Pacific Sea Nettle, Chrysaora fuscescens.

Sponge, jellyfish, tapeworm, earthworm, spider clam, shell, scallop, lobster, sea star, and shrimp.

A sea snail is an invertebrate.

The scientific name of sea lilies are crinoid

The scientific name for sea-fans is Gorgonia.

A sea urchin is an invertebrate.

a kitchen sponge sea spone purple sponge (sea sponge)

the scientific name of a sea turtle is chelonia mydas....

The scientific name for a sea otter is Enhydra lutris.

The scientific name for a sea pen is Ptilosarcus gurneyi

The scientific name of the sea cucumber is Class Holothuroidea.

Sterechinus neumayeri scientific name of sea urchin

the scientific name for the sea mink is........ Neovison macrodon.

Mystery Was The Name Of SpongeBob's Sea Horse. =]

a sponge that lives in the sea

The scientific name of PHILIPPINE Sea Squirt is Pandocia aurata while the scientific name of AMERICAN Sea Squirt is Molgula manhattensis

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