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you cannot give a scientific name like that. it depends that of which animal you are talking about. they can be vertebrates or invertebrates, they can be mammals or amphibians so after knowing this we can give them scientific names.

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Which language is used for the scientific names of plants and animals?

Latin is used for the scientific names of plants and animals.

Scientific names of plants and animals?

For animals: organism

Do i get150 scientific names of plants and animals?

On google just look up scientific names for plants and animals it works just try it.

Why are scientific names used for animals?

Scientific names are important for two reasons. (1) There are so many species of animals in the world that scientific names are the one unique name for that one unique species and (2) through scientific names, you can see how the different species of animals are related. Black squirrels and red squirrels aren't the same species, but they're related and their scientific names reflect this.

Do all animals have scientific names?

Yes, they have.

What the scientific names of the laboratory animals?


Scientific names of Animals In Philippines?


20 scientific names for plants and animals?


Scientific names of common farm animals?


Give examples of scientific names of 3 animals of plants?

scientific name of onion

The botanical names of all animals?

Botany is the study of plants. Animals cannot have botanical names. Animals do have scientific names which are analogous to botanical names for plants, but they can't all be listed here.

Why is it important for scientist to use scientific names and not common names?

Scientific names are very specific. The common names of many animals are just that, common. One common name may be the widely accepted name for multiple animals or plants. Common names for plants and animals also vary with region.

Why are scientific names important for animals and plants?

Common names given to animals and plants are often different depending on where you are in the country. Also, several common names can sometimes be used. A scientific name is officially accepted by the scientific world, and is the same name everywhere.

What is the scientific name for cream cheese?

Foods do not have scientific names. Species of plants, animals, fungi, have Latin names, but cheese is none of these.

What scientific evidence is there that animals give themselves names?

Animals do not name themselves, people do that..

What language is used for the scientific names of plants and animals?


What are the Nile ecosystem animals and there scientific names?

Nile Perch

Which websites can you find the scientific names for animals?

You can go to

List Scientific names of domestic animals?

Bos taurus

What is the scientific name for a sun?

The Sun does not have any scientific name like the names of plants and animals.

What animal has the same common name and scientific name?

Most deep sea animals have no common names hence their scientific names are their common names.

What scientific name for cheese?

Cheese is not alive so it doesn't have a scientific name because foods don't have scientific names. Species of plants, animals, fungi, have Latin or 'scientific' names, but cheeses none of these.

What is the scientific name for animals?

Depends entirely on the aminal, they have unique names

List of All scientific names of animals?

There are thousands of scientific names of animals. Examples include: Canus Lupus Arcticus, Dugong Dugon, Gynnidomorpha Alisman and Ramphastos Sulfuratus. Humans are Homo sapiens.

What animal has one scientific name and two common names?

Except possibly for obsolete scientific names due to reclassifications, every animal has just one scientific name -- such is the virtue of scientific names. Many animals are called by different names in different parts of the world and so have many common names. In fact, only the rarest , most narrowly distributed animals have only one common name.

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