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scientific reason of ineffective airway clearance


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Each problem has a scientific reason.

If a person is unconcious, they most likely will not be in a position to keep their airway open, therefore, they will not be able to breathe and they will die. You must keep their airway open so they can breathe.

The reason that items go on clearance is simply because they are making room for the newer models. There shouldn't be anything wrong with buying a clearance washer and dryer.

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i don't think there is a scientific reason, i think it is because the child cant tell you to stop.

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You don't unless there is some medical reason.

A common reason for mouth-to-mouth breathing failure may be an airway obstruction that is preventing adequate chest rise is the patient.

1 reason is because god wanted to make volcanoes

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The stated reason is lack of scientific scrutiny. The real reason is that they caved to public pressure despite scientific evidence of safety.

astrology is not a science as it is not proved by scientific methods or based on any scientific reason.

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to leave droppings on our car windows

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4.83E1, but since this is just 48.3, there really is no reason to put it into scientific notation.

There is no reason to put it in scientific notation. However, the result would be 3.158697 x 10^6

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